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Redesigning the living room is a good idea every once in a while to give your home a fresh feel. You don't have to spend a lot to redesign your living room, it can be as simple as moving some furniture around. The living room is not only a place to lounge, but is also often used to have meals, exercise, and do work. It is the room where we entertain guests and watch television. In conclusion, we can surmise that the living room is one of the most important and public rooms in the house. Therefore, giving it special attention by redesigning it once in a while is expected. 

In this idea guide, we are going to discuss 7 ways to redesign the living room for every budget. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and invigorating inspiration here. 

Authentic style

One way you can redesign your living room is to change the style. There are many styles to choose from such as retro, country, minimalist, and rustic. The trick is to add elements of a certain style to your living room to give it a different ambiance. For example, if you want to redesign your living room in the ever so popular retro style, then you should incorporate vintage furniture from the 60's and add lots of bold patterns. 

Pictured here, we see a living room in rustic style. The rustic style has a cozy feel to it, making one of the more popular choices in style as well. To get the rustic look, add aged wooden elements such as the wooden coffee table with wheels in the picture. 

Trendy furniture

Adding just one piece of striking furniture can change the whole look of your living room. As we see here in this picture, a vintage table painted a bright sunny yellow pops out and makes a statement in this living room. It is no longer just an average, regular living room, it is now unique and trendy. This is the effect of statement furniture. 

You can also redesign the living room using regular furniture, but try to add something a bit unique or correspond with a certain style to really make a noticeable difference in your living room. However, if you just need to buy one piece of furniture, make it unique—go for something eco-friendly or vintage. 

Bright colours

Redesigning your living room can be as easy as giving it a new lick of paint in a vibrant new colour or adding some colourful cushions. Pictured here, we see the living room has an accent wall in bright blue and colourful cushions that enhance the new colour of the wall. 

This vibrant living room is designed by Rosa Pura Home Store, interior designers and decorators based in Portugal. 

Texture the surfaces

Playing with textures can create a whole new feel in the living room. For example, adding silky curtains and velvety cushions can give the living room an elegant ambiance. Materials like cotton are more casual, while silk and velvet are more sophisticated.

Pictured here, we see a soft, cozy carpet which adds texture, softness and warmth to an otherwise regular living room. You can also soften the walls by hanging rugs on the wall, giving the living room a softer, cozier feel. 


Change the layout of your living room once in a while to avoid getting bored of one of the most used places in the house. You can change the layout by moving around furniture or do as you see in this picture. As you can see here, the sofa has been removed, and the cushions have been placed on the ground. This is more of a dramatic change compared to moving furniture around, and is worth a try if you really want a change. 

Lighting is the key

Lighting can add a whole new look to your living room. Pictured here, we see the dramatic effect of adding neon lighting with wording to the living room. Different kinds of lighting create different kinds of moods.

Browse through lighting designs here on homify for more ideas on which kind of lighting to use for your living room to create the mood you're looking for. 

Function over decoration

Since most people use the living room for multiple purposes, adding more furniture to make it more functional is one way of redesigning the living room. Pictured here, we see two work desks, chairs and computers with a library of books behind them. This living room is obviously designed to function as a home office too, and this changes the whole style and feel of the living room.

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide. For more related ideas, have a look at 10 elegant living room ideas

Which idea did you like best? Let us know in your comments below. 

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