Top 5- Pooja rooms, budget homes, money saving tips for kitchen and more!

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Hello Guys! Welcome to the top 5 series of homify. So another charming and chilling weekend has arrived and we are here to present the top 5 guidebooks of this week. This week we have diverse range of topics that discuss common Indian homes and our readers needs. Let us have a look at the top 5 guidebooks and explore more about them right here. Scroll down to see more. For more such insights, stay tuned to us. 

Best Pooja room designs for harmony

Pooja rooms are the divine space within a home and everyone wishes to have one at their place. However, getting a unique design that results into an extraordinary and harmonious Mandir space is not that easy. Therefore, in order to help you create a room that is not just peaceful but takes you to a new world where there is no pressure, stress, and tension, we bring you a list of Pooja room designs that are beyond words. Beautiful and adaptable, you can reach these rooms from this link.

Amazing budget homes within Rs. 20 Lakhs

We all aim to have our own home some day! But is that easy? Definitely No. Owning a home in India is a big investment that often takes years to complete. But once you will look through this guide, all your miseries and misconception will be blown away. The list will showcase some of the amazing architecture and homes within India that cost less than Rs. 20 Lakh! 

Do not believe us? Here have a look at them and learn something for your dream home.

Tips to save money in your kitchen

So demonetization is taking toll over your budget and you are looking for some ways to save money in your wallet? Right! That's the story of every home these days. While you might be thinking a lot on how to save expenses of clothes, cars and insurance, one ignored but potent savings area is kitchen. Yes, you can save your bills within kitchen with small tips. 

Reach this ideabook to know the money saving tips from your kitchen. 

Modern residence from Mumbai

An ideabook that explores a cheerful and colorful house from the popular city of Mumbai. Colours like red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, grey and brown have been used in liberal doses throughout the home in a tasteful manner to make it look glamorously beautiful. Paired with sleek designs and trendy furniture, these hues fill the apartment with cheerfulness and a playful tone. If you are planning a renovation or new construction then this house is a must watch for you. 

Go to this link to explore. 

Elegant home from Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a beautiful place and living in such a city is nothing less than blessing. The houses and sculptures are quite popular from this city. t is modern with spacious and soothing interiors and creatively landscaped exteriors. Light and neutral colors enhance the beauty of the stately structure, its decorative details, and the trendy furniture inside. Have a look at every nook and corner of this house and fill your mind with new ideas for decor. Click here

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