15 Ways to decorate your home entrance walls

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Beautifying the entrance of your home with the best of materials which speak about your personality and aesthetics can prove to be a difficult task. At times, even though you do find the right design and material for the entrance, the variety in the latter is more than enough to make you pull your hair. 

So, here are 15 ideas to get you inspired for decorating the entrance to your home in the most stunning ways.

1. A grand entrance

Using stone claddings for the entrance wall is one way to turn the eyeballs around and is enough to create an impressive ambience.

2. Paintings throughout

Decorate the side wall at the entry with paintings, wall hangings, or sketches. Adding a small two level bookshelf underneath will give the space a modern touch.

3. Virtual separation

A virtual separation in the entry hallway makes the area look spacious and works great for a narrow entrance.

4. Get artistic

Huge artwork in the hallway under ideal spotlights create a mesmerizing atmosphere at the entrance.

5. Wall textures

Get the wall at the entrance textured in soothing hues and prints to make the area shine with elegance.

6. Adorn the wall with accessories

The passage wall of the entrance to your house can be adorned with accessories and showpieces which blend with the decor of your home.

7. Blue is trendy

Paint the entry wall in blue or any other vibrant color and place small pots or plants to bring in nature.

8. Glass wall

Use glass on one of the entrance walls to make the entrance look spacious and long. This style is also perfect for narrow hallways. You should contact an architect for the best suggestions.

9. A cladded corridor

Bring life to the dull corridor of your home’s entrance through cladding on the wall with wooden flooring to make the entrance welcoming and in style.

10. Welcome with flowers

Keeping the surrounding decor minimal and place a big vase in the centre of the entrance to beautify the entire area.

11. Decorate with artifacts

Placing a few artifacts on a wall in the hallway adds a style quotient to the otherwise drab space.

12. Go grey

Paint the wall right in front of the entry gate in a pastel shade or a lighter tone of a darker shade. Decorate it with a painting or an abstract art piece and make the space look unique.

13. Carpet the entrance

Textured wall, wooden flooring, a carpet, and a big Victorian style mirror on the wall, give a spectacular ambience to the space.

14. Simplicity is evergreen

Adding a wall cladding to the smallest wall at the entrance with a few plants along the corridor will work best to enhance it.

15. A small pond

If the entrance to your house is big, building a small water body in the centre and adding an artifact in it will work wonders.

If these ideas have rung a bell in your creative mind, browse through the ideabook for more such ideas.

Which one of these home entrance ideas inspired you the most?

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