8 beautiful designs to help you to choose your bedroom wardrobe

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Most bedrooms have wardrobes that serve as the dressing area. The design of the wardrobe needs to be chosen with care so that it is efficient for storing clothes, jewellery and shoes, besides complementing the overall colour scheme, decor style and furniture in the bedroom. Take a look at these 8 wardrobe models that we have put together to help you easily decide on a design that is suitable for your bedroom.

1. Niche and mirror finish

Building a wardrobe in a niche in the bedroom helps to save space. In addition, the area in the niche can be customized with shelves and drawers for storing shoes and other accessories. In this bedroom, a sliding door with a reflecting surface not only provides more area for moving around as the doors don’t open outward, but also reflects the room to add depth.

2. Aesthetics with wood

Wood is a popular material for a bedroom wardrobe as it is natural and adds to the aesthetics of the room. When the wood finish on the wardrobe is colour-coordinated with that of the bed and side tables, it presents a pleasing picture that adds to the beauty of the bedroom.

3. Organized and stylish

If you like a wardrobe with organized storage that has space earmarked for everything, it doesn’t matter whether or not the closet has doors. Take a look at this open wardrobe design, which brings a rich and sophisticated look to the bedroom.

4. Classic style

When the rest of the home follows a classic style, the bedroom wardrobe should match the décor. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on functionality. Drawers and shelves can be designed to provide sufficient storage while aesthetically blending with the theme.

5. Storage boxes

A wardrobe usually has a combination of drawers and shelves. Additionally, you can get storage boxes for stashing personal items that don’t need to be accessed regularly or for putting away seasonal clothing when you don’t need it.

6. Sliding shelves

Most wardrobes have fixed shelves, but the height that you require might differ from one shelf to another. Fixing sliding shelves, which allow you to adjust the height based on your requirement, helps to keep your wardrobe better organized.

7. Tiered drawer system

Drawers are convenient for storing clothes and accessories. They also help to keep the wardrobe looking neat. However, the disadvantage is that you can’t view the contents of more than one drawer at a time. Fixing a tiered system, like the one in the wardrobe in this bedroom provides an efficient solution to this problem.

8. Vintage look

For those who love the vintage look, it’s essential to carry through the style to the wardrobes in the bedroom. Instead of opting for built-in wardrobes that are modern and will clash with the overall theme, you can add elegance to the room with carefully chosen vintage cupboards that match the rest of the furniture and accessories.

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