8 cheap and easy Vastu remedies for a rented home

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When you are looking around for an apartment or house to rent, it’s almost impossible to find one that is designed according to Vastu principles. Nowadays, most houses are built with a limited budget, and the focus is on maximizing the available space rather than making them Vastu compliant. Similarly, apartments have regulations that prevent you from making structural changes to ensure they adhere to principles of south facing house vastu in Tamil Nadu and some other southern states.

We understand that Vastu is important and also appreciate that one can’t make big changes in a temporary home. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of quick-fix solutions that you can use to correct or remove Vastu dosh from your rented house or apartment. 

1. Design a puja space

A pooja room is a sacred and tranquil space that brings a lot of positive energy into a home. Find a corner or a recess, preferably in the North East corner of your rented house where you can create a pooja space. It can even be a small shelf or a built-in cabinet.

2. Correct the flow of energy in the entrance

When you enter a home through the main door, the first thing that you see shouldn’t be a blank wall as this is believed to block positive energy from flowing through the house. In a rented property, since you can’t do anything about changing the position of the wall, place a Ganesha image against it or hang a Shri Yantra symbol on it to correct the energy flow in the entrance corridor.

3. Check the doors

As per Vastu principles, all the doors in a home should open inward into rooms to attract positive energy, and they should operate smoothly. Inspect all the doors in your home to ensure that they open in the right direction. Oil the hinges regularly so that they don’t creak. Get any damages on the door repaired immediately.

4. Avoid wastage of water

Check your taps and faucets regularly to ensure that there are no leaks or continuous drips. Wastage of water is believed to flush out positive energy and is an essential element of vastu for flats.

5. Eat your meals at the right spot

Most modern apartments come with open-plan living and dining spaces. When you designate a space for dining, preferably choose an area in the south-west part of the home.

6. Declutter your home

Clutter attracts negative energy, so don’t allow unused things to pile up in a corner. Keep your house clean and organized at all times by regularly sorting out things and getting rid of stuff you haven’t used for over six months. This will ensure that your house remains clutter-free and ready to welcome positive energy. Clutter free design and layout is one essential design principle of all our interior designers and decorators.

7. The right place for heavy items

For maximizing the energy-flow in the home, place heavy furniture such as beds and large cupboards in the south-west direction of the home as this is an area that should not be left empty as per vastu remedies for south west corner.

8. The lucky charm of beautiful pictures

Aesthetic details like natural fiber rugs, beautiful furniture and nature inspired wall art add to the earthy atmosphere. Images that depict pleasant scenes related to nature or otherwise are considered good luck attracting elements in living rooms as per principles of vastu for apartments. Decorative picture of waterfalls, flying birds, happy fishes or a flowing river at home also has a positive effect on professional growth and healthy of family members.

Bonus tip: Introduce the positive energy of running water

If there is space in the courtyard or living room then install a fountain outside or inside in the northeast direction of the house and make sure that the water flow is constant. The flowing water symbolizes the flow of positive energy, power and prosperity.

If you not a lover of monochrome or neutral color palette and love bright colors around you here is information of ideal vastu colors for a happy home.

Bonus tip: Protect against darkness

Light a lamp every evening, preferably near a tulsi plant or a pot of clean water. This will help to keep away negative energy from the home.

Of course, there are many other ways to make your rented home Vastu compliant, but these tips are the easiest and the most economical to implement. If you found this article interesting, see this ideabook for more Vastu tips for bringing positive energy into your home.

Do you have any other easy Vastu remedies to share? Let us know in the comments.

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