14 Ideas to decorate the entrance of your home with planters

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Do you want to bring nature into your home? Well… if you wish it to be fashionable and elegant, then a planter is the way to do so. It perfectly harmonizes and merges the garden within the house. The planter is also an ideal solution for framing the pavements or highlighting the favorite part of your house.   

In this ideabook, we have brought 14 ideas of different types and sizes of planters to make the entrance of your house look magnificent.

​1. Stone and Wood

With perfect lighting and selection of natural material, an entrance will leave a strong and fine impression.

​2. Galvanized Steel

The strength of galvanized steel can be creatively integrated into the contemporary design, like in this design

3. Minimally Trendy

Planters of uniform size and shape will look modern or minimalist. In this picture, the heroes are two trees in the gravel bed. It is an original and spectacular idea. It goes well with the house.

​4. High up in the houses

You can include planter of different sizes, even the ones that can hold large plants. So that, when it is placed high up on the wall, the height of the house will be well defined and balanced.

​5. Highlighting Specific Point

If you want to highlight certain areas of the house, put plants there.  For example, the plants are arranged here to highlight the terrace. Fresh plants will instantaneously make the entrance of your home attractive.

6. Picture perfect Wooden Garden

Wood has its own beauty. Create your own wooden boxes. It is very simple and easy to do.

​7. Rustic charm

For those who love the rustic charm, this style is for you. Make your own with simple natural materials, such as pottery.

​8. The Power of Stone

Stone is used as the main material for the countryside theme. The natural look of the entrance will be fascinating. Stone leaves a strong impression and warm character to the surroundings. Your house will look amazingly beautiful and unique like it does in this image.

​9. Concrete

If you are looking something economical and durable, then concrete boxes are for you. It looks attractive and innovative. Concrete boxes are a great choice for plants. Concrete is capable of retaining moistures that allows plants to grow healthy and beautiful.

​10. Wood with colorful flowers

Wood and colorful flowers! It is a perfect choice for apartment or house that has a hallway or corridor as an entrance. The welcoming colorful flowers will leave an unforgettable impression of your home.

​11. Modern, small and elegant

No excuses! Even if you live in an apartment, there are unlimited options to embellish the entrance. A simple and elegant garden like this will definitely make even your neighbors cheerful.

​12. One for everyone

With wide range of designs, sizes and materials available, finding a right planter is not a problem. Just design your entrance with love and affection. Keep it neat, elegant, attractive and natural and see the magic unfold.

​13. Large and small

Let’s be creative when decorating the façade. An interesting landscape with some large and small plants will look very elegant. See the picture to believe it!

​14. Open the door for a big surprise

Imagine having such a green area near the entrance of your home. Every time you open the curtains or step out of the house, a surprise will be waiting for you. It is an inspiring and spectacular design. Isn’t it?

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Which planter inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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