7 Amazing Skylights For A Brighter Home

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Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into a dark space. Their magic lies in their ability to bring light to a room without using space or compromising privacy. There are many varieties of skylights available from the reflective tunnel lights to the beautiful clear glass windows that can be opened for ventilation. Whatever the type the can all bring brightness, spaciousness and a sense of style to any room. Use them to scatter sunlight on a kitchen bench, illuminate a dark corner, or capture a sky view. They can also be a practical choice as they not only save you money on electricity, they also negate the need for heating or cooling. In winter the skylight allows the warmth of the sun to heat a room, while in summer the ventilated skylights can be opened to release warm air and allow circulation. There are so many ways skylights can improve a house. Here a 7 great ideas on how skylights can be used to create a wonderful environment.

The Long Skylight

In many large cities like London, new houses are designed with consideration to the already established homes nearby. In many circumstances this can restrict the design of the house in terms of the types and location of windows. The new house has to respect the privacy of their established neighbours.  One way to overcome this problem is to invest in good quality, attractive skylights. This house has done this. The house originally had only windows at the front and back of the house. In order to allow more light into the living space, while still complying with building regulations, a series of long, narrow skylights were installed into the roof along the side, as well as a large square light in the central ceiling. This has completely transformed this room. It makes this room appear larger and much brighter.  This is a great example of how a skylight can completely change the atmosphere in a room.

A Skylight in the Dining Room

In many densely populated cities it is difficult to find suitable accommodation. Many houses, townhouses or apartments are built so close to one another, there is little space for privacy and even less space for natural light. The skylight is one way to allow light into a room without compromising on privacy. The skylight in this  room is an excellent example. This house is located very close to its neighbours. Although there are large windows in the house, the available light is limited by neighbouring houses blocking the direct light. This skylight, built over the dining table solves these problem.  The beautiful light streaming through this skylight creates an inviting place to sit and eat. This is a great use for a skylight. Consider using a skylight to brighten a dark corner in a house.

Stained Glass Skylight

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Skylights are a great way to allow more natural light into a house, whilst maintaining privacy. This is true in most situation, although when you have a small house next to a much larger house, there is less privacy. Widows of the neighbouring house, or the balconies of neighbouring apartments may overlook a skylight, making it less private than you imagined. The answer is this beautiful stained glass skylight. This stunning light is made by Glasstec of India. The skylight consists of an intricate pattern of colourful and clear glass. Watch as the sun moves across the sky making a beautiful show of colourful light across any room in the house. Use it in a plain bathroom to create a series of constantly changing colours.  For more stained glass ideas see GlassTec.

The Ensuite Skylight

Ensuite bathroom lit by skylight Neil Dusheiko Architects Modern bathroom
Neil Dusheiko Architects

Ensuite bathroom lit by skylight

Neil Dusheiko Architects

The design of modern houses can often include some very small rooms. Once such room is the ensuite bathroom. As it many only include a toilet and a shower, it tends to be very small. One way to open up such a space is to use a skylight. This bathroom illustrates this well. This is a tiny space. With the inclusion of a skylight, it makes this room appear much larger than it is. The light that streams in the skylight bounces off the white walls and yellow feature wall, making the whole room appear to glow. The room seems like it is on a open balcony than inside the house. This is a great way to open up small interior rooms of a house. This room was designed by Neil Dusheiko.

The Unconventional Skylight

There are many magazine, books and websites available to give advice on how to best design and decorate a house. They may give you rules on what to place next to what, and what to avoid using. The ultimate choice, however, is with the owner of the house. Don’t be afraid to ask for something that you want, even if you have never seen one. If you can imagine it, it must be possible. This skylight is a great example. This foyer of a house must have been dark, with the adjoining houses shrouding it in shadows. There was the option of a skylight, but with the shape of the roof, this may not have been possible. The owners however found a way to create a unique and original skylight to fit this difficult space. There are many options of skylights available. There is bound to be one for every situation. 

The Narrow Skylight

In many inner city houses and apartments the rate of development may be so rapid that an individual residence may become suddenly surrounded by high rise buildings. This may shroud the house into darkness during the day. The use of skylights may be limited due to the privacy of the house if neighbouring houses look over the property. One way to overcome these issues is to install this long, narrow skylight. The one used here is an excellent example. This skylight runs along the roof of the house and down one side. It allows natural light to enter the room whatever time of day it is. The white walls allow the best use of this light as it reflects off the light coloured walls and ceiling. Install a series of these skylights to really open a room up.

The Hall Skylight

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In many townhouses, the only available windows are at the front and the back of the property. This meant that spaces in the centre of the house, such as stairs, hallways and bathrooms lacked natural light.  One way to overcome this problem is with a skylight. This skylight, placed above a set of stairs illustrates this well. The once dark space has been opened up and brightened with this skylight. The white walls around the stairs reflect the bright natural light, opening up the whole stairway. The painting on the wall is placed in the perfect position to be further illuminated by the incoming sunlight, making the waves crashing on the beach almost audible. 

Skylights can be used in the house for many purposes.   They can be used to bring natural light into a room, create space or highlight an item or a dark corner. They can add warmth to a room through the sunshine or keep a room cool when opened to allow ventilation. Whatever way they are used, they have the ability to transform a room or a space. Consider using a stained glass skylight or an unusual shaped skylight to bring an extra dimension to a room. For more illuminating ideas see 5 homes that maximise natural light.

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