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20 great ideas for your TV wall

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The television is our favourite fidgety in the home and it is one thing we all come back home to in the evenings. The area surrounding the TV is where we settle after coming back from work to watch our favourite series or movie and catch up with our families and watch something together.

We understand the importance of this corner of the house and hence here we present 20 great ideas to make your favourite corner better! Press play!

1. Take advantage of a sloping roof

Often, sloping roofs of the house are not appreciated. But, the truth is, you can create a surprising and fun space around your sloping roof with a little creativity involving easily available things.

2. Highlight the TV on a separate wall

As in the previous image, the wall of the TV is made to, look different from the other walls, creating an interesting contrast and a dedicated TV wall.

3. Maintain neutrality and simplicity

Sometimes less is more. You can either choose to leave the wall at the bottom of the TV plain, so your TV gets all the attention.

4. Futurism in design

Simple lines with breakthrough shapes and patterns create a sensational environment that can charm and awe!

Note: Did you notice the indirect lighting in the area of the television? Amazing!

5. Create a comfortable space

The TV space is the most comfortable space in a home. It needs the most comfy sofas and cushions for an enjoyable movie session.

6. Love white?

A complete white space spells modernity, elegance and brightens the entire home. Here, the entire room is made white with the exception of the TV coated in a contrasting colour.

7. Combining styles

eclectic Living room by HollandGreen

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


A living room decorated with different styles, colours, finishes creates a corner that is unique for the TV.

8. A TV with views!

Make use of the best angles of your house. In this case there was no need for a mobile stand and yet the TV looks spectacular with the view behind it.

9. Marble wall

The marble wall behind the TV makes for a great looking corner that blends with the TV and the fireplace.

10. Minimalist view, which is not simplistic

Simple and minimalist options are always beautiful and elegant. This TV coquette – a simple vintage furniture adds class to the home instantly.

11. A stone wall is always an excellent choice

Stone walls are always a great choice for homes. They are fascinating and add a rustic charm that you have never known before.

12. Furniture that is not furniture

A TV does not always need to be supported by furniture. It can also be placed on other types of furniture like this case. Just make sure it is steady and stable.

Checkout 10 retro furniture ideas for the terrace here.

13. Stone like finish

modern Living room by Livarea

Hängendes Bücherregal mit TV Lowboard


If you are not inclined towards laying your walls with stones, you can use paints that give a stone like finish to your walls.

14. TV as the main element of the living room

Make TV the centrepiece of your room. After all, TVs are portals that take us to other worlds at the mere press of a button and they deserve the centre-stage.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

15. Fireplace + TV

Depending on the décor of your room, you can combine your TV wall with the fireplace. Watch your TV and relax in the warmth of your fireplace at the same time.

16. A TV that complements your room

Placing a huge TV in a small room can make the room look smaller and vice versa. Get a TV that matches the size of your room for a pleasant look.

17. Mobile furniture

Furniture with wheels can be moved around the room and everyone in the room gets to watch their favourite TV show!

18. On a dark blue background

A different living room that surprises! Thanks to the play of these two colours, their contrasts and their peculiar beauty, we get this unique room with a view of the TV that satisfies.

19. Suspended TV

eclectic Kitchen by


You can also choose to suspend the TV on the wall if you like. Do not forget to buy a good holder to keep it securely anchored to the wall.

20. Cinema effect

The televisions already have a good sound system. However, if you want to create a home theatre effect you can get a few more audio enhancing gadgets that improve and enhance its quality in an incredible way.

20 Great ideas for your TV wall! Try them and share your comments.
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