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Simple cube homes for every pocket.

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Casas Cube Modern houses
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Join us on a tour of cube houses in Spain, and take a look at the exteriors of five beautiful models of cube houses. We will soon find out why they are called cube houses, but we are sure you can already start to guess. The five cube houses are different with regards to the size and shape, but are similar in terms of design and the materials used. These cube houses are designed by Casas Cube, home builders based in Coruna, Spain. 

Let's browse through these cube house models and hopefully be inspired by these modern homes. 

The cube house with the pool

Let's start with the biggest house first. This cube house is 200 square meters with a beautiful poolside and a spacious compound.The poolside is an enchanting sapphire blue and is rectangular just like the house. While the green, grassy lawn adds a harmonious contrast to the blue pool. The patio and the veranda on the first floor offer an excellent view of the gorgeous poolside.  

Now we see why it's called a cube house or casa cube. As you can see, the cubical shape of the house is prominent here as opposed to the normal roof structure of a house.

A big cube house

This cube house is slightly smaller than the one before—it is 175 square meters. It has a spacious compound, a patio, and a veranda as well, but it doesn't have a pool. As you can see from this angle, there is a back entrance to the house which has a secure grill. 

Like the larger cube house before, the exteriors of the first floor is made of rough, raw natural slate bricks while the ground floor is made of polished stone. The two different textures and colors add depth and variety to the exteriors of this house. It also makes it more visually interesting. 

Single storey cube house

This single storey cube house is 75 square meters. So it is much smaller than the other two cube houses featured before this, but it also has a spacious compound. Another difference is that it lacks the texture of the natural stone slates used in the double storey cube houses. Isn't this like playing spot the difference? What other differences can you find? 

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A 100 square meters cube house

From this angle, we can see the tinted windows, and that the house is made of two parts. This house unlike the one before this has the two types of stones again—the rough ones and the polished ones. 

Finally, let's have a look at the last cube house. 

A 150 square meters cube house

This house is not much bigger than the one before, but looks pretty much the same. Don't you feel like Goldilocks jumping from one house to the other—one smaller, one bigger, one double storey, one single storey. Well, finally we have come to the end of this tour of cube houses. We hope you have enjoyed it. 

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What did you like most about these cube houses? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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