7 ideas for those who want more from their wall units

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When you are furnishing your living room, are you one of those people who looks for fresh ideas that go beyond the regular wall mounted television or art on the wall? Today, we’ve put together 7 creative ideas that will inspire you to make a difference in your living room wall unit. From a library to a fireplace, here are some designs that will add a unique look to your home.

1. Perfectly planned

Integrating the television into the wall unit is not a new idea. However, when it is planned to perfection by fitting the TV flush in the wall and designing separate niches for the home theatre speakers, it looks fantastic and saves space! Additionally, the open niche shelf at the side allows for easy storage and display of books and accessories.

2. Interesting partition

Usually, one finds the fireplace embedded into the wall and the television on a shelf or platform. In this living room, the two switch roles! The partition wall between the living room and dining area has a central open fireplace at the lower level, while the television is mounted on a panel above it. It’s an innovative and functional design that looks ultra-modern.

3. Relaxed recess

Using a recess in the area to optimize the space in the living area works well in this home. The wall is cladded with stone, bringing a natural element to the décor. A custom-built wall cabinet provides space for storage and display. The wood tones of the cabinet blend with the nature-inspired grey stone on the wall, bringing a relaxed feel to the room.

4. Modern art

The classic style is popular for living room décor even today, but how do you bring in modern appliances without disturbing the theme? In this living room, the television is mounted over the fireplace, where normally a large painting would hang. The TV is chosen carefully so that its dimensions suit the space and has the appearance of a painting in a frame.

5. A library unit

For those who love books, building wall-to-wall shelves along the entire length of the living room wall gives the area the look and feel of a library. The placement of the television in the centre of the wall provides a welcome relief. Notice how the unit is designed so that books or DVDs can be stashed on the side shelves where the wall bends near the TV?

6. A visual divider

In an open plan layout in which the living and dining areas are connected, a wall unit that serves as a divider helps to separate the two spaces. Mounting the television on the wall is a clever solution for saving space in the area.

7. Beauty at night

At first glance, the wall mounted television unit in this home looks typically modern.

8. It’s all in the lighting

However, it completely transforms the area at night with soft diffused lighting from behind the panel and under the shelves bringing a sophisticated feel that elevates the mood of the room from ordinary to fantastic.

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Which of these ideas will work well in your home? Let us know in the comments.

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