15 modern living rooms you must see before changing yours

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The living room is one of the most important areas in your home as it’s the place where you receive guests. It’s also a place where the family gets together to relax, so it’s vital that the room is designed to make everyone feel comfortable to sit around and chat. The more welcoming and unpretentious the living room is, the more likely it will contribute to better communication between family members.  

When you are redecorating your home, don’t forget to pay attention to the living room. Allow us to inspire you with these images of professionally designed modern living spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable.

1. Explosion of colour

On the base of neutral grey, the accessories add an explosion of colour to this room. The bright hues on the chairs, cushions and the painting completely transform the character of this room. Another interesting element is the integration of the terrace with the living area through the large glass windows.

2. Distinctive character

Besides the sophisticated leather chairs, the generous use of cushions brings a pleasant ambiance to the room. The windows draw attention with their innovative shape, and beautiful photographs on the wall add an artistic touch to the living space.

3. Extremely elegant

The warm wooden floor and the almost-industrial cement wall present a contrast of styles in this living room. However, the classy leather furniture and the lovely gallery-like arrangement of accessories on the wall manage to unify the space into an elegant one. The geometric pattern on the ceiling lights is something that is hard to miss!

4. Impressive

This room visually integrates with the exterior as well as the upper level and the other areas of the house using an open design. In addition to the imposing height of the ceiling, we couldn’t help appreciating the well-chosen colour palette that brings a cohesive look.

5. Eclectic touches

In this room, it’s hard to miss the beautiful view out of the window, with the creation of a live still-life installation, which contrasts the picture on the wall. The furniture comprises different types of pieces, giving this living room a creatively executed eclectic feel.

6. Country style

The fact that this house is set on a farm doesn’t prevent its interiors from having a beautiful design. In fact, it portrays a modern country-style home with dazzling contemporary lighting blending with the wooden roof with rafters, which is a quintessential feature of old rural homes.

7. Comfortable setting

A clever colour palette and cosy accents bring a comfortable ambiance to this living room. The sofa cushions invite you to sit back and relax, while tropical indoor plants and unique lampshades add memorable features that enhance the décor.

8. Relaxing

This image demonstrates how a recess in the architectural structure is cleverly used to create a space that is ideal for putting your feet up and resting. The walls in the area have been painted with a dark and intense shade to highlight the cosiness of the limited space, while small lights on the ceiling bring in a relaxing ambiance.

9. Sophisticated

With niche shelves running along the wall, the accessories in this room are kept to the bare minimum. The big L-shaped leather sofa is the ideal furniture for filling up the space, and the lovely view through the large glass window more than makes up for the lack of décor. It’s a perfect image of understated sophistication!

10. A bit of everything

Large artworks in red tones stand out against the neutral grey and brown base in this room. The mix of colours and styles in the chairs and benches makes it feel like they have been collected from flea markets, giving this room unique character.

11. Geometry

The bricks on the wall are a stand out feature in this living room, while geometry in the lamps and décor accessories bring in a distinctive character. The mirrors on the wall add depth to the room by reflecting the brick wall as well as the rest of the room.

12. Ultra-modern

The sliding glass wall is the highlight of this living space. It separates the interior from the outdoor area in a seamless manner, allowing the room to be expanded or contracted at any time. The beautiful tree growing in the living space adds a joyful and relaxing feature to the area.

13. A white room

The use of an all-white palette brings harmony to this modern living room. The straight lines in the furniture, the long-haired rug and the glass top on the centre table enhance the look while the curious curved legs of the coffee table provide relief from the monotone.

14. Oriental touches

The image of bamboo on the wall not only adds depth to the space but brings an oriental feel to this living area. The furniture and décor are carefully chosen to accentuate the design theme.

15. View of the horizon

This room extends to the terrace and to a spectacular view of the horizon beyond it. The layout makes positive use of the space to ensure that the view of the colour tinged horizon at dusk can be enjoyed in comfort.

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