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21 top home decorating ideas that won't cost any money!

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While everyone wants to have a house with the latest furniture and accessories often the price of these objects curtails the desire to go for a complete revamp of furniture and furnishings. Though purchasing décor items for interior décor is generally done by people during discount or sale offers it would be great to get them free!!

While we cannot stop you from spending the festival bonus on latest offerings at the nearest home décor store or splurging on new collection of furnishings on a favorite online store, we can give you handy tips to save on purchasing unnecessary décor objects. Here are some handy tips to decorate every part of your house including the garden so do take time out to browse through every detail.

1. Rediscover wood planks and pallets

Unusual ways to use wooden planks

2. Up-cycling an old car

Ever thought of this trendy idea for using a discarded car part?

3. Put your knitting skills to use

Try your crocheting skills on old tyres to make trendy garden furniture

4. Rearranging old furniture

Rearrange furniture and other decor for a fresh look

5. Bring out old plates from grandma's box

Use heirloom china plates from grandma's collection as kitchen wall decor

6. Flowers for all days of the year

Beautiful cut flowers in bright jugs—who can resist their beauty!!

7. Funky planters

Recycle empty cans to design funky planters for the modern living room—Smart !!

8. Old jars as flower vases

Up-cycle glass jars as vases anytime

9. Modern lighting system

Ever thought of using glass jars as light fixtures? Some innovative interior designers did!!

10. Innovative book arrangement

Arrange books by spine color—Easy as slicing cheese

11. Cardboard boxes

Reuse old cardboard boxes as shelves

12. Ladder as display

Retire the old ladder and turn it into a display case

13. Reuse old books

Don't throw those old books! See what can be made out of them.

14. Finetune your painting skills

Repaint old frames to look like antiques. Your guests will love them

15. Make a statement with a furry blanket

Who know that a plain living room would get transformed with this statement furry blanket

16. Warm cushions

Old from new—Works every time Make new cushions out of old clothes

17. Style statement

A really creative and sporty room it is quite attractive for hanging your bikes on the wall. Practical and space saving, don't you agree?

18. Deck up an empty corridor

 Make hanging wall containers

19. Open air barbecue anyone ?

Recycle an old planter you were going to throw out.

20. Ever thought coat stand could be used in a garden ?

 Get creative with an old coat stand out in the garden

21. DIY Christmas trick your family will love

Hook up your old Christmas lights to make your garden sparkle all year round. 

Here are some more DIY Interior decoration tips to enhance your creativity.

Which idea did you like the best? Why not increase the list with some ideas of your your? We are waiting to hear you do write to us in the comments...

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