9 outdoor barbeque grills to put a spark in your backyard

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Around the world, barbecue and grilling spots in the backyard or rear patios and verandas are fast becoming one of the most popular relaxing joints for parties with family and friends. While this form of entertainment used to be more common during summer evenings when the temperature had cooled down a bit, it is now used for afternoon gatherings in winter too. A wide variety of items are barbecued and roasted around the fire ranging from meat, ribs to corn and vegetables that can be roasted on hot coals!  

Here are 9 unique barbecue designs for your home that you can set up around your backyard garden or patio to enjoy meals with friends that are fresh off the coals.

1. Delightful

The first barbecue design we present before you could easily become the protagonist of the patio with its stylish design and ability to dish out delectable food in a jiffy. Designed with combination of stone and apparent brick, this barbecue has everything you need to barbecue with twin burners. This country style barbecue is perfect for a holiday home to enjoy clean air during vacation and eat pizzas and roasted meat under the stars.

2. Modern and dignified

Here we showcase how consultation with customer has helped the landscape designer professional to create a barbecue space that is both private and unique as it has a cooking and service area built into same region. The region is made up of a basic grid structure frame which covers cooking and dining area comprising of tables, chairs and a giant bar. Every section compliments the barbecue to liven up the guests in this space around the year with a unique patio experience.

3. A rotiserrie for an open patio

Here we see a rustic rotisserie that is the focal point of the patio that has a charming floor made out of stone. The towering barbecue made out of bricks has thoughtfully created spaces to  store logs and ashes along with an oven and fireplace, to keep surroundings warm on a chilly evening. The layout and structure of this rustic grill make it an ideal dream design for every outdoor kitchen lover.

4. Cast in stone

Clad your Braai in Stone The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

While the earlier examples were all made of brick we present before you an unusual grill design created out of stone. This element has been selected as it is more durable and aesthetically pleasing. We see here how the grey slate stone is surrounded by a wooden gazebo that lends an homely air to the experience of outdoor cooking. This trendy grille and barbecue lends an imposing country feel to the space

5. Focus on natural concepts

The design of this barbecue combines three materials namely stone, brick and steel for creation of a concept that is simple yet functional and presents a picture of outdoor heritage. Every bit of this unique grill design from its wrought iron cover to the L-shaped stone structure holding the fireplace set on a stone deck brings back memories of outdoor cooking during olden days. The setting is entirely modern with stone steps built away from the barbecue area that also serves as a seating area for guests. In every way this concept is a handsome addition to a stone garden.

6. Versatile design for every setting

As stone barbecues are gaining in popularity, the designers have created an ingenious design for barbecue/grill by arranging small stones in a gabion around the fire. This uncomplicated and contemporary grill is versatile and safe enough to be kept in a secluded area like a terrace instead of a garden or yard for a more cozy atmosphere. The delectable spread on the table is reason enough for us to set up something similar close to home and relish the delectable taste of food roasted on open fire.

7. Quality time with family and friends

KUB Garden Fire pits & barbecues

The barbecue setup that you see here is of a grill set in the center of a table which creates a feeling of cozy harmony among all participants at the table.  All the members are able to help each other out and also roast or grill the food according to their desired taste. The wide wooden table and stool style chairs around the grille show how social cooking and companionship can make a meal pleasurable.

8. Magical combination of wood and brick

The concept of outdoor grilling has undergone several changes through the years and now one has access to gas and electricity fired grills along with age old coal and wood fired ones. But even with advanced technology people still prefer the flavour of food cooked in wood-fired oven. This delightful wood fired oven sheltered by wood roof against the elements is ideal for making fresh wood fired pizza and sausages in the comfort of home.

9. Originality to the max!

This sculptural steak with a base of steel plate, is product of the minds of Kunsteboer, who created this singular asador of organic form that breaks with the traditional thing. Really a piece that will give to talk about when meeting in the courtyard.

For more ideas for your garden and patio, we recommend the following link:

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Which grill design do you think is most suited to your yard? Do let us know in your comments below.

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