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8 ideas for different types of flooring for your home

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When you are doing up or renovating home interiors, the flooring in the social spaces, where you entertain guests, needs to be given importance. A good-looking floor not only complements the décor theme, but also completely transforms the overall look of the room, making it stunning. Not every type of flooring is suitable for Indian conditions, and similarly, not all materials bring sophistication to a living space.

In this ideabook we’ve put together a list of 8 different flooring materials that work well in Indian homes.

1. Marbonite

If you love the look of marble, but don’t like the high maintenance that comes with it, then marbonite tiles are a perfect alternative. Unlike marble, the polished surface of marbonite is non-porous, so it doesn’t stain. It also brings an elegant sheen to an area. Besides being easy to maintain, these tiles come in a range of colours and sizes.

2. Unpolished stone

Butterfly Fields Rustic style living room by Nuvo Designs Rustic
Nuvo Designs

Butterfly Fields

Nuvo Designs

The rugged texture of unpolished stone is ideal for a home with a rustic or country theme. It’s fairly low maintenance as it doesn’t show up stains easily and can be scrubbed clean.

3. Wooden laminates

A popular option since it is easy to install, wooden laminate flooring brings a lovely modern look to a home besides adding warmth to the ambiance. You’ll find them in a range of colours and grains to suit the décor of your home. However, they need to be laid to perfection to prevent warping and are best avoided in areas with heavy footfall or in places that are prone to high humidity and moisture.

4. Marble

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Fabien Charuau Photography

Fabien Charuau—Architectural and Interiors Photography—Recent Projects

Fabien Charuau Photography

Classic marble flooring brings a luxurious element to the décor and is irreplaceable for adding sophistication to an area. However, it takes a lot of care and maintenance to keep marble floors looking good for years. 

Grand Living Room Modern living room by homify Modern

Grand Living Room


White marble is most commonly seen in homes, but you can also find other colours to match your décor.

5. Natural wood

Another material that requires a considerable amount of maintenance, including regular polishing, natural wood is perfect for modern as well as colonial style homes. It brings unmatched warmth to an area!

6. Granite

Strong and durable, granite oozes sophistication and works well in a living room. Black granite can be contrasted with light tones on the walls and furnishings so that it doesn’t affect the brightness of a room.

7. Cement oxide flooring

Duplex Apartment, Creativity, Auroville Eclectic style living room by C&M Architects Eclectic
C&M Architects

Duplex Apartment, Creativity, Auroville

C&M Architects

While cement and concrete flooring are associated with the industrial design style, it has been used for centuries in India, albeit with the inclusion of oxide flooring colours add brightness to the floors.

The traditional red oxide flooring that was common in most Indian homes a few decades ago has lost out to easier to lay tiles and wooden laminates. However, it still has irresistible charm and adds a lovely natural and rustic feel to a home, as can be seen in this image of a home with yellow ochre toned cement oxide floor.

8. Hand painted tiles

A flooring material that you find in traditional Indian homes, hand painted tiling brings spectacular beauty to an area with its colours and patterns. While it is most often seen in patios and verandas, you can also use them in a living room with an eclectic theme or as a tiled carpet.

See this ideabook for kitchen flooring ideas.

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