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​A cosy and comfortable house in yellow

Modern kitchen by Студия интерьерного дизайна happy.design Modern
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The colour yellow comes in varied shades. Some shades can be too bright and contrasting while others can actually help to accentuate your house with a subtle and soft touch. So, here we bring you a house that has been designed using light nuances of yellow that help in developing a sweet and comfortable abode. Designed by Dasha designers, you are about to witness an absolutely different side of yellow. This house sets a perfect example for minimalist style decor. Without any further delay, let’s begin the tour to this wonderful house in yellow.

Different shades of yellow

The kitchen is a beautiful melange of bold and soft shades of yellow. The kitchen storage is majorly designed with bright orange that covers most of the cabinets. The most striking part of the kitchen is the refrigerator that has been selectively chosen in bright yellow tinge to add a shimmery and glamorous effect to the kitchen area. A wall mounted TV acts as the best partner in the modern kitchen design. It keeps boredom at bay and helps you multi-task while in the kitchen.

Sunny side up

The yellow couch looks absolutely stunning in this part of the house. It exudes warmth and simplicity with its soothing presence and the not-so-bold design. This yellow shade acts as a beautiful backdrop for the perky flowers and fresh green planters. The whole setup looks absolutely mesmerising under the radiance of soft LED lamps. Simple wooden chairs too help to divert all the focus on the single resting couch.

Other side of kitchen

The other side of the kitchen gives you a neat and clear view of the exteriors through the big glass windows. This elongated view makes you realize that a lot can be done in sleek and slender designs as well. The simple use of bright colours and appropriate lighting makes this kitchen different from all others. The soft wooden flooring also works in deep subtlety to exude an overall refreshing effect. Not to forget, the walls are painted in swarthy shades to bring the best out of the deep yellow.

Adorable horizon

A cosy feature is added besides the glass windows that undoubtedly offers you the best view of the town. The glass windows are made in a unique U-shape that fits even the widest panorama into the view. Cosy wallpaper is added to the walls, which looks fabulous in the glory of yellow natural light. The wallpaper carries the same legacy of colours, even outside the kitchen. This affordable wall accessory renders a soothing and calming effect. It makes an ideal ambience to spend a refreshing evening with family and friends over a hot cup of coffee.

Sunny entrance

The entrance is made dramatic by the addition of a plain coloured yellow door that looks straight out from the fairy tale. It is perfectly in sync with the yellow interiors and looks absolutely adorable amidst the striped wallpaper. The best way to highlight the entrance is to intensify the natural colours with the use of bright flowers and planters. On a bright sunny day, the slant sun rays shower their radiance over this extremely embracing feature.

We hope this ideabook enriched you with some innovative ideas for using yellow in home décor. Inspired by the subtle interiors of this house and looking for more architectures? Here's an architecture that will provide you with more modern and sophisticated ideas to embellish your home : Modern designs make a good home

Do you have more ideas to use yellow for home decor? Let us know in the comments below. 
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