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15 Vastu ideas for the main door

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Vastu Shastra not just lays huge importance on the house overall, but emphasizes on every part of equally and the main door is no different.  Things surrounding us tend to affect us positively or negatively if not placed correctly, and the main entrance door is no different. It paves the entrance and exit to positive and negative energies. Vastu design for the main entrance door should be taken into serious consideration to you prevent any negative energy to be stuck in your home.

Here are 15 ideas to build or renovate the main gate of your house according to Vastu rules.

The wood quality

The front door of your home should be made of premium quality wood to welcome positive vibes and energy with the best.

​Direction for the front door

The northeastern direction is the best place for the main door as per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra. This allows the morning sunrays, fresh air, and light, to fall on the door and hence enter your house.

​Main door is the largest

The main door of the house should be the largest in size as compared to the other doors. Vastu Shastra says that it is the front door through which positive energies enter the house and hence it should be big in size.

​Two shutter door

While the front door of the house can either be single shutter or two shutter, it is better if it’s a two shutter one. If you are incorporating a two shutter door for the entrance of your house make sure that the gates open inside and in a clockwise direction.

​Light up the main gate

Vastu Shastra emphasizes on lighting up the main gate brightly. Ensure that you always keep the entrance door brightly lit. You can also light some candles at the front door.

​Name plate matters

Another factor important according to Vastu Shastra is the name or number plate in front of a house. A beautiful name plate placed outside the front gate invites wealth, prosperity, and happiness.

Threshold is vital

Vastu says that every main or the front door to a home should have a threshold to avoid loss of wealth from the house. A threshold is basically a stripe of stone or wood placed below the entrance of a house or even a room.So, when building your dream house keep this factor in mind.

​Attractive main door

Never keep the main door to your home drab or boring. Make it beautiful through greenery, stunning designs, or bright colours. The catch is to make the entry gate look pleasant and energetic.

​Door level higher than the ground

The front door should always be a level up from the ground. If you are adding steps leading to the front door, the important point is to keep the number of the steps odd.

​No place for shadows

Shadows are never associated with anything good or positive. So, it is vital to place the front door in such a way that no shadows fall on it.

​Two main doors

Vastu says to have two main doors to your house. One works as the main entrance while the other is used as the exit door. Also, if you are able to build two doors for respective purposes, it is advised to keep the main door with two shutters and the rear door with one shutter.

​Exit door smaller

The exit door of your house should always be smaller in size to the house entrance.

​Entrance away from the corners

The entrance of the house should be at least a feet away from the nearest corner. Although, one should, if possible, keep the corners at a good distance from the entrance, but if not, then just a feet would work.

​Replace cracks and faulty doors

Never keep using cracked or damaged front doors. According to Vastu aged doors must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any loss of respect and difficult times.

​No wall in front of the main door

Make sure that the main door of your house is not facing a wall, a dilapidated or damaged building. Get in touch with a Vastu expert for assistance.

If you found the tips here useful, dig in the ideabook for more helpful ideas.

Which one of these tips was your favourite?

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