37 good ideas to create your own vertical garden

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Whether you have a large sprawling lawn with plants along the border or a small backyard garden with limited flowering plants, the pleasure that these colorful creations bring to mind and soul cannot be derived from anything else. Plants in various shapes and sizes bursting out with colorful flowers of varied hues and designs can turn the garden and home to a paradise.  

Gardens have the ability to turn a dull life into a creative one as gardening can turn into a hobby once the sheer joy of seeing flowers and plants come to life is witnessed. We know how quickly this pastime can turn into a fruitful hobby and have collated 37 great ideas for growing plants that can be used to create a garden. The best part of these ideas is that you can create these spaces anywhere in the house be it an open balcony, window-sill or empty walls and even a bathroom.

1. Upcycled wood

Using discarded objects for setting up a garden is another great upcycling technique. Here we showcase planter hangers made out of discarded wooden window frames. The  idea is simple yet creative and adorns empty boundary wall in a beautiful way.

2. Selectign the right species

While selecting plants varieties for vertical cultivation look for species that adapt easily to planters in which they have been set up. There are specific varieties that have a bountiful foliage that help to create a special effect on the walls. If you lack knowledge in these aspects seek advice of a professional gardener to identify solutions that will fit your home perfectly.

3. Unique vases

Vases with unusual designs and shapes are ideal for rendering originality to a living room or corridor. If planters are being set up inside the house then select pieces that compliment the decor.

4. Variety of plants

If the vertical garden is idea is likely to occupy a long space then select a wide variety of plant species to give the region a more creative look.

5. Tiny water fountains

Water has a calming influence and here in this Zen style vertical garden it brings beauty and harmony.

6. Bamboo frame

This bamboo frame built of fiber and bamboo pieces is a unique arrangement that complements the mounted garden and other potted plants in the area.

7. Green frame

This photo frame is filled with natural green foliage and forms a charming contrast against colorful wood like a live piece of art.

8. A column full of plants!!

Why not be creative when arranging the flower pots? Do not let lack of space curb your creative instincts by choosing non-traditional layouts to create a beautiful vertical garden.

9. Integrated ribbons

This inspiring design of integrating vases together in a ribbon like design can be used to create a herb garden in the kitchen or small species of flowering plants. 

10. Don't hesitate to decorate empty walls

Never hesitate to fill up empty boundary walls or foyer walls with arrangements like these to have a charming way to welcome guests that will admire wholeheartedly admire your thoughtfulness.

11. Enchanting orchids

Though delicate and fragile, orchids have a mesmerizing quality of their own. Choose your favorite species and plant them like this delightful vertical garden.

12. Beauty of diversity

As you are creating a garden within a limited area that will be used for maximum impact, go for varieties that are a mix of flowering and foliage plants. In this modern garden you can see a variety of species flourishing in the same region.

13. Bountiful foliage

Dull discolored walls? An elongated door frame is repainted and used as an elongated vertical garden in outdoor enclosures like decks or patios.

14. Classic elements

This trendy iron frame with classic style curves and designs acts as a neat holder for small cone shaped flower pots.

15. Wood and steel frame

Wood is the ideal companion for vertical gardens in the form of frames and hangers. Here in combination with iron it forms a stylish hanger for the  garden.

16. Reinventing the window

A recent recycling idea is to use a window frame in classic style as a panel to hang small planters.

17. Horizontal beams as planters

Forgo tradition to fashion a panel made of wooden slats for use as planters for your creepers. Vintage quirkiness never goes out of fashion.

18 Cascading creepers

Plant species that trail towards the ground as creepers with their thick leaves and wispy branches create a natural curtain over areas that need privacy. Kept in the backyard here they cover the gaps within planks and also provide pleasing environment.

19. Green bathroom wall

This large green frame is spectacular for the bathroom decor and it protects the structure and provides acoustic and thermal comfort.

20. Traditional ferns

Ferns with their beautiful cascading branches are perfect for providing warmth and beauty to the walls.

21. Against a colorful background

Want to create a dramatic effect? Paint a colorful wall and hang colorful planters with contrast or complimentary against it for the perfect look.

22. Garden of panels

Don’t let lack of space like this narrow balcony curtail your love for greenery. A wooden panel against the wall with open boxes fixed on its surface forms a cozy vertical garden.

23. Pretty backyard

If the backyard wall is sizeable then why not make vertical gardening compositions we are sure the results will be amazing. An experienced interior landscape artist would be able to help you with planning the right species and planting them.

24. Filling the gaps

Creepers are a great way to cover crevices and empty walls and here caches have been organized to fill and organize the wall with a new garden.

25. Complementary stone wall

Stones coverings are perfect for organizing a natural space with small plants grown vertically.

26. Geometric splendour

These small creative planters created out of metal work as wall decor and hangers. As these are made in geometric shapes they add beauty and delicacy to a modern garden. 

27. Minimalist contrast

White walls without any other adornment would form a delightful contrast against deep green foliage like this that could be set up on single plank of wood with groves to hold the branches.

28. Decorating with bromeliads

These tropical species naturally grow vertically on large tree trunks and will be perfectly adapted to your vertical garden.

29. Glass aqariums for cactus

This innovative idea involves reuse of discarded aquarium by filling them up with small white pebbles and planting small cactus plants inside them. Vertical organization of rectangular glass bowls brings visual harmony to the region.

30. Country chic

These small wooden vases give a rustic look and bring sensitivity to the external wall.

31. Small space filled with features

This small terrace looks amazing with the use of a small wall frame with creepers and supported by full size water fountains.

32. Simple choices

A large wooden plank fitted with small variety of different species , giving an excellent result.

33. Color is the need of the hour

Small species with colored leaves arranged vertically brings a pleasing look to the vertical garden. A small wooden pallet will be sufficient to organize the species.

34. Bunched in caches

This garden has been arranged by organizing the cachepots closely that increases the density of the layout and makes it as good as the real one.

35. Creation with personality

A small vase with the small bromeliad was enough to bring beauty to the setting of this artful piece. Combination of ferns and bromeliad has great personality.

36. The green panel

An old door panel has been effectively utilized here to  set up a pair of artistic creepers to create a vertical garden wall displaying elegance.

37. Framed in bamboo

This beautiful vertically elongated panel can be used on this part rock wall to create a rock garden like effect close to the entrance wall.

Love gardening and lack space? Here are Beautiful green ideas for your terrace to beautify the space around you.

Which idea did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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