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16 ideas to decorate your hallway

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Hallways are the primary pathways between the rooms of your home and are visited a great deal which is why you need to pay attention to the way they are designed. From stylish lighting to smart storage and decoration, you can get plenty of ideas, information and inspiration form us to give your hallway that wow factor! More than just being a corridor that serves as a pathway to other places, the space is definitely worthy of your attention.

The range of hallway decoration ideas are surprisingly big in number. Browse through these 16 beautifully decorated hallways and understand the design scheme to make your own hallway functional and flawless.

1. Embossed motifs for the hallway

A magnificent hallway with arms wide open awaits your presence. The olive painted wall is the talking point of this room as it houses a rectangular portion of embossed motifs in yellow. Lights run across the hall to meet the protagonist of this design!

2. An all white hallway

A step into this lovely house will render you captivated by the ambiance brought about by the combination of such simple elements. The stairway meets the ceramic tiled flooring with utmost grace while the lone bench and plant stand in witness.

3. Ivory for the hallway

A small tea table setting with custom chosen lamp shades and designer artwork- this corner is worthy of adoration and is to be adopted by any hallway. Suspended beaded lights emanating from the false ceiling add a charm of their own to the design.

4. Feng Shui elements for the hallway

The elements of Feng Shui bring about tranquility and peace which is sought out for in the hallway. This hallway makes use of two stone surfaces- one in grey which upholds framed artwork and the other which has intricate carvings on it representing stone blocks.

For more inspiration on Feng Shui design elements, follow this link.

5. A mandir for the hallway

How about a mandir for the hallway just like this one? The hallway emulates a medieval temple in ruins which has been excavated and carved out artistically. The tiling chosen is attractive keeping up with the overall theme of the hallway.

6. Hallway perfect for Indian homes

For regular Indian homes with average sized space there is a lot of room for experimentation. Adopt a design strategy such as this to utilize the space to the fullest. Rather than leaving the hallway empty, you can add cabinets and other elements such as this.

7. Seating arrangement for the hallway

We just loved how big sofas with matching curtains have been put up. The white serene space is distinguished well with the dark table, carpet and a corner chair. The lights along the ceiling of the hallway complete the look.

8. Wooden frame for the hallway

The highlight of this hallway is a wooden frame that lines the ceiling. The corner is accentuated with the addition of a glass wall that houses a lovely potted plant. With lights the hallway design is complete in every aspect.

9. Sculptures for the hallway

You can use some special artwork or sculptures to add volume to your hallway. Here the Buddha image and the small fountain complement each other and are extremely royal. The flooring chosen makes the hallway look larger than it is.

10. Wooden frames for the hallway

Narrow houses are hard to manage. Use the feature to your advantage and adopt narrow designing patterns like an image galley on the wall, false ceilings, longitudinal designs on floor and so on. The right combination of elements can do wonders for you.

11. Waiting space in the hallway

When you have limited space for the hallway, do not clutter it with tables and sofas. Install steep side corner tables and small chairs. Keep the walking space clear always as you not want your furniture to obstruct the pathway.

12. Minimalist hallway

Here is another brilliant example of how small hallways look better while being fully functional when left with minimal furniture, decor and designs. Two corner chairs are enough to make a comfortable seating arrangement.

13. A royal hallway

Royalty is brought about through light, sober, subtle colors. Add white stone figurines and chandeliers to add a touch of class and a sense of distinction in the hallway. The design cries out for ceramic flooring which is simply the final touch of this hallway.

14. How about a library in the hallway?

Book lovers can use the hallway space as a retreat to showcase their collection of books with state of the art bookshelves. You can always find something as quirky as these chairs and a bookshelf such as this to add life to the area. 

15. An indoor garden for the hallway

You can install an indoor garden right in the hallway if you can't place for it elsewhere. Rather than leaving your hallway plain you can have a water fountain along with shelves that host potted plants and other low maintenance plants.

16. White marble for the hallway

The last on the list- marble as a design element. You can make use of any color of walls, furniture and decor elements to go with them. Let the above image serve as a means of inspiration.

For more inspiration, follow this link.

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