5 Wine cellars for everyone

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Spiralweinkeller, JMF JMF Classic style wine cellar
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For wine lovers, avid, knowledgable or beginners, a wine cellar is a must. Since wine has to be kept within a specific range of temperature and away from sunlight, these aforementioned criteria must be maintained to retain the integrity and the taste of wine. There are many styles and designs available for all wine lovers and a few samples are shown here.

Wine vault

Spiralweinkeller, JMF JMF Classic style wine cellar

For those with a strong tasting pallet, cultivating the refined art that is wine tasting can be a challenge. However, the idea behind this wine cellar has been to dig a vault into the ground to shelter an immense collection of wines. The visual effect of this cellar is eye-pleasing because a person can stop and admire the circular motion of the exposed wine bottles through the glass without having to go in it.

Stone cave

This marvellous type of wine cellar is a true statement of a classic type of wine cellar. The solid stone walls give an uneven and porous effect to the room as well as maintaining the perfect room temperature for wine since stone walls help keep a room cool. This is a modern approach on a classic kind of wine cellar.

Circular wine

Since most people who appreciate a good wine selection don't necessarily have a basement or a cellar to store away their collection, an inspiration such as the one shown in this picture is a marvellous solution to opt for. The design, by Space Alchemy, has chosen to stock away the many bottles under the stairs which is a great space saver. It is also a congenial decorative piece with its circulars shapes.

Angular wine shelf

With a limited amount of space, there is always a way to include stylish angular shelving, as shown in this image. The end result is a visual delight that seems to resemble the branch of a tree or the branch of a grape vine. Much can be stored away in the wine shelf as well as offering a easy access when wine is on the menu.

Exposed winery

This picture shows the design of a wine rack that is an exposed winery. At first glance, the image is striking and the beautiful symmetry of the bottles on the wall pay tribute to the wonder and appeal of wine appreciation. There is also comfortable seating and a table that are at the disposal of wine tasters wishing to visit this cellar.

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