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20 most visually enciting images of house facades

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Do you believe that your house exterior designs are important? If impression and design is your thing then this ideabook is going to be a great help to you! Take a look.

Whenever someone visits your home the first thing they notice is the house facade. House facades are the first contact point with your personal living space, style and personality. And that is why people take good care of exterior paints, lawns, entrances, driveways and everything visible from outside. Although most of the Indian house facades are still designed in traditional style, people's taste have evolved and the have started designing beautiful and impressive facades. 

Today, we throw some light on designer and worth adopting house facades that are high on design element and low on budget. Scroll down to have a look at 20 house facades that are made to impress. 

1. Corner house locations give you the chances to design two facades- make both of them equally gorgeous!

2. The deeper spaces in this house are apparent even after the evening has settled.

3. Modernism always holds the power to impress and look extraordinary. Be cool and little bit experimental for facades like this.

4. An example of how a mini White House appears when you adopt its exteriors for your home facade.

5. A facade that lays on the fundamental principal of low energy consumption. Lots of space for natural light and air to enter.

6. Modern box style facade design with steep and narrow windows and small dedicated portion for balcony areas.

7. Now that's quite what maintains a balance between the traditional and modern house designing concept. A must look for all.

8. Sophisticated design facade for a three storey house. The cement paragolas and slats adding new depth and angle to beauty.

9. French style cottage designs are not a norm in India but if you have space, there is nothing not to try them.

10. That is what a patio should look like. We loved the lighting scheme and color theme of this house that amalgamates wood and stones with a modern touch.

11. Simple living does not means not opting for a great design. This heavenly design is apt for small spaces.

12. Echo your house style with the right material choice and opting for a very minimal design facade. The garage on the side of the house is quite open but marvelous.

13. The clean line style and white renders of the house offer sharp contrast to the stone design used to complete the house facade .

14. While open style houses are not possible these days, no harm if you adopt long balconies to get a feel of the same.

15. While the modern architects these days prefer to adhere to flat roofs, this one looks different. This modern style developed is what we will call as version 2 of modernism.


16. Sleek modern house with clear lines and clear geometric shapes are favored by all.

17. A great modern and contemporary piece of work which offers balcony, patio, cladding, and everything in one.

18. A nostalgic house design for village homes that looks like to be evolved from sceneries.

19. This house is a lot more than what is appears to be. The open floating stairs are clearly visible from outside and the entrance too is maintained well.

20. Modern cottage design never goes out of fashion and still looks a perfect style for all sizes of homes.

What is your style of Facade?

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