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Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Een huis om van te dromen: de villa in Blaricum, Kabaz Kabaz Modern media room
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For relaxing and spending time with loved ones, a media room will be a perfect meeting point for that purpose. One could also want to have a room to enjoy a good movie or a play games with friends or alone. In the end, a media room is a space to rejoice for a pleasant time practicing fun hobbies. Here are a few inspirations for good times to be had.

Minimalist elegance

Sometimes using a splash of a bright colour among a monochrome surrounding translates into a room of minimalist elegance. That is the case here with this image. The designers chose to use as little hindrances as possible to focus on the buoyant ruby red seating furniture. Also, the asymmetrical placement of the audio-visual equipment maintains the minimalist and breathable feel of the room.

Cool pool

Een huis om van te dromen: de villa in Blaricum, Kabaz Kabaz Modern media room

In a dream bachelor pad, the must be a pool table for the owner and his friends to enjoy a good pool game. This picture presents a multimedia room that contains a pool table in a sultry and trendy atmosphere. Also, the grand amber coloured overhead is an impressive piece that creates a luxurious feel for the room it is in. This is a room where much fun will take place.

Lively colourfulness

This creatively decorated and designed room has much to offer to every onlooker. This room breathes youth and vitality with its various colourful printed patterns that pop out of the screen since the walls, the ceiling and the floor are of a soft beige tone. The lively colourfulness of this room is brought to life because of the dragon artwork who's tail becomes a resonant graffiti.

Blue hue

For a mood changer that will enliven the tall and small, the answer comes by spending time in a cool room such as the one in this picture. The overall blue hue of this media and play room sets the stage for a nice gathering amongst friends. Since this room has been designed with a party in mind, there is enough space for boogying on the dance floor between the pool table and the lounging area where plush and comfortable couches offer lavish seating options.

Chess at play

For strategy games lovers, this room is the ultimate chess players paradise. The massive and vast checkered floor has been designed to make a life-size chess game possible. The designers have thought of every detail to make the chess game experience pleasant and memorable because of the overhead ceiling mirrors that reflect the current play as well as the floor to ceiling windows that shed a great amount of natural light.

Futuristic media room

When a more cosy and special atmosphere is intended for a media room, the current picture offers that option created by New Wave AV. The choice of a suave aubergine purple tint gives an intimate and inviting element to this room. The angular lines, the star-like ceiling light spots and the metal table all corroborate to create a futuristic media room. No one could pass up the chance to lounge in this room and forget the outside world for a few enjoyable hours.

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