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A home from a fairytale

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It was in the year 1865 that Alice fell down a rabbit hole into the fantasy world of the Mad Hatter, The King of Hearts and Cheshire Cat. This tale has been retold throughout history, and is still told to children today. This classic tale has remained popular as children are fascinated by this magical world of seemingly unreal events and characters. What ever happened to Alice after her trip in wonderland, and after the sequel in the looking glass? I would like to imagine that she resumed her normal life, bringing up imaginative children of her own. If she did this, I think a little bit of magic will always remain from those amazing adventures. I like to imagine that after Alice's return, this is the house that she would have lived in. This amazingly beautiful quaint house has a little bit of magic in every room. It is an imaginative and creative home. 

Magical Kitchen

There is no potion in this beautiful kitchen that instructs you to ‘drink me’ or ‘eat me’, but it is a kitchen large enough to get lost in. This beautiful kitchen uses colour perfectly to create a cute and cosy cottage feel, while maintaining a huge amount of space. The cream cupboards and chairs match the pink splash back tiles and curtains perfectly. There is even a touch of detail in the wallpaper, taking inspiration from pink and cream while introducing others. The room is bright and airy with the large window allowing a huge amount of light from the end of the room.  There is enough cupboard space for a large family and then some extra. Don’t be afraid to use colours in a room design to create a definite atmosphere.

Cosy Sitting Room

The sitting room in a house is often the place to go to for some alone time. It is for sitting, rather than entertaining. It is also for reading, watching or writing. This private sitting room, situated off the main bedroom is a cosy retreat. It is a private area with a couch and an ample supply of reading material. The half wall that divides the sitting room from the bedroom is home to a beautiful bookcase with stunning glass doors. The green theme of the bedroom continues through to the sitting room, with the base of the bookcase painted green. This matches the green in the floral fabric of the couch.  Colour is a great way to bring together many different items in a space. Consider making colour a theme in a room, or the whole house. For more inspiration look at Celebrity home withthe wow factor.

A Garden Bedroom

A garden filled with trees, flowers and plants is a wonderful place to spend time. It is said that spending time outdoors in the fresh air has health benefits including a reduction in stress and an improvement in concentration. Gardeners have known this for quite some time. This room looks like a gardener's bedroom. This stunning room has a very earthy palate of greens, browns and whites. The browns ground the design in the earth, the greens represent calmness and growth and the whites, the bright energy of the sunshine. The stunning wallpaper matches the flowers on the pillow and reflects the beauty of plants, including the real one on the table. This is a great way to bring a design theme together, using not only the colour palate, but a plant theme.

A Terrific Terrace

Many houses are designed with an overall theme in mind. This theme will run through every room of the house. Sometimes it is as simple as a colour, or as complicated as time period in history.  This house seems to use colour together with an element of magic to bring the design together in this house. All elements within the house are placed specifically and chosen carefully to create an atmosphere. This terrace is no exception. The bricks create a cute cottage atmosphere. The plant is placed on the table in a very deliberate way to create this calming and comfortable space. The cupboard at the end of the terrace is not only functional, but acts as a point of interest and directs the gaze to the end of the terrace, making it appear larger.

A Pretty Purple Bathroom

The bathroom is often the place where the day starts. It is the place where we wake up with fresh water in our faces. It makes sense that this place should be about colour, as colour has the power to energise and invigorate. This amazing purple bathroom does just this. This creative bathroom uses colour to bring the elements of the design together. Purple is used in the paint, the wall tiles as well as the floor tiles. It is even represented in the flowers on the bathroom basin. The modern elements of this bathroom; the stunning curved shower cubicle and the sleek white bathroom cupboard, work well with the purple theme to give it a classic look. Consider combining modern fittings with a classic palate to give it a more traditional look. For more ideas on using colour see The Orange Lane.

A Foyer Statement

They say that first impressions last. This can relate to people as well as homes. For this reason it is important to create a appealing design in the foyer, or entry to a home. This house has a stunning foyer. It has a dream like quality, as you decide which door will lead to the room you wish to enter. The room is decorated with neutral colours of brown, white and gold. The wallpaper is classic, although modern. The real hero in this room is the light fitting. This amazing light creates a beautiful spray of white mottled light on the ceiling and down the walls. Lighting is a great way to create an atmosphere in a space. Consider using lighting and colour together to create a unique atmosphere in any space.

There are unlimited ways of decorating a house. It doesn’t need to be a design found in a magazine or on a website. Don’t be afraid to be creative, consider the tastes of the residents of a house and how they will use each of the spaces. This house is a great example of how, with the use of colour and a specific style, a unique atmosphere can be created. Try using these ideas to create a completely new an unique house. For more inspiration see Home, sweet home.

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