15 ways to give your home a fresh look with less than 500 rupees

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It isn’t easy to keep your house looking like it is new, especially with limited time and a small budget. It may seem like a huge task, but today we are here to prove that it isn’t. With a few cosmetic changes, you can beautify your home in a short time without spending a large sum of money.

Take a look at this ideabook to get inspired to give your home a fresh look with a budget of less than Rs.500. It’s simple but it works!

1. Clean and remove scratches from bathroom tiles

Children bathroom homify Modern bathroom

Children bathroom


You may want to change the tiles in your bathroom to make it look like new. However, you can achieve the same result with chemicals that remove scratches and stains. If necessary, get professional help to give it a refreshed and spotless look.

2. A new rug for the entrance

Change the rug at the main entrance of your home. It’s something simple and cheap, but adds a welcoming feel to the area.

3. Give leather armchairs a treat

If you have leather furniture, remember to apply a layer of wax polish periodically to keep them shining like new.

4. Get creative with covering up imperfections

Repainting walls to cover up imperfections will certainly make your home look better. However, it is time-consuming and expensive to do often. Instead, use your imagination and paint designs to give the wall a fresh appearance.

5. Add hooks

Hooks for keys or cups or for what ever you want... Clayton Munroe Windows & doors Doorknobs & accessories Iron/Steel clayton munroe,cabinet hooks,robe hook,cup hooks
Clayton Munroe

Hooks for keys or cups or for what ever you want…

Clayton Munroe

In kitchens and bathroom, we always need hooks or rods to hang things such as rags or tools. Plastic hooks with suction are an economical option for this purpose.

6. Banish rust

Clean the fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms with special chemicals or solutions to keep them shiny, rust-free and free from hard water stains.

7. Decorate with fresh flowers

Make it a point to have fresh flowers in your home. They not only add beauty, but also perfume the air.

8. Change lampshades

Bring a new look to a room by changing a lampshade or two. You don’t have to get expensive ones. Paper lampshades are affordable and come in a wide range of options.

9. Get laundry baskets

Disco laundry basket homify BathroomStorage Brown woven basket,laundry basket,bathroom,colourful basket

Disco laundry basket


Bring a tidier look to a room with a laundry basket that hides away unsightly piles of clothes.

10. Clean the lights

Led Drop lights in the pooja room ceiling homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Led Drop lights in the pooja room ceiling


Periodically cleaning lamps and lights not only gets rid of dust, but also makes them shine brighter.

11. Shampoo the carpets

Give your carpets a thorough cleaning periodically by shampooing them. They will not only look fresh but also smell great.

12. A spotless stove

Clean your stove and make it shine like it’s brand new by soaking it overnight in liquid ammonia.

13. Aromas

Scented Tea Lights homify HouseholdAccessories & decoration scented candles

Scented Tea Lights


Infuse the air at home with fresh smells that make it seem like you’ve just finished cleaning. Light an aromatic candle or use room sprays.

14. Paint shelves for a new look

Paint shelves in different colours to bring a new look to a room or space. Use bold colours to brighten up an area.

15. Frame photographs or posters

Gorgeous Feathers Pixers Eclectic style living room Blue poster,posters,frame,wall decor,wall decor

Gorgeous Feathers


If you have a collection of posters or photographs, frame a few and hang them up to make your home feel like it has new décor.

If you found these tips interesting, take a look at 6 stylish design ideas for your home.

Which of these ideas are you going to try at home next weekend? Respond in the comments.

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