10 Awesome breakfast bars for modern Indian homes

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The kitchen, besides being a space to nurture your family, is also the place where we tend to spend more time together as a family and that is why this space should always offer you both comfort and functionality. That is why in recent years, installing breakfast bars in the kitchen has become very popular. 

Breakfast bars provide an area to dine in as well as doubling up as extra work space in the kitchen. It's also more practical and economical to have both the eating area and cooking area in one room since space seems to cost more and more money these days. In addition to that, breakfast bars allow you to entertain your guests while you're preparing their food or drinks. 

Now, let's browse through these 10 awesome designs and ideas for modern breakfast bars shall we? 

1. No need to install walls

Breakfast bars not only give you the convenience of having a comfortable space to eat or sit down to enjoy a delicious coffee, but also gives you benefits in what corresponds to space, because with a breakfast bar there is no need to install walls that obstruct vision. The result is a kitchen which looks open and spacious. 

2. The social kitchen

Imagine the following… you have a visitor at home and you are preparing something to eat to share, but you have to leave an interesting conversation because you must go to the kitchen and the walls will not allow you to continue talking, but with a breakfast bar you can have your visitors nearby, prepare the snacks and follow the fun conversation without problems.

3. The size that fits your needs

Many may worry about what the size of a breakfast bar should be, but actually it all depends on your needs. The breakfast bar should be tailor made to facilitate the mobility and functionality of the kitchen. 

Basically, the dimensions of a breakfast bar should be based on the number of diners and the utility you want to give it, but if you are looking for a smaller space to be used as a shelf to serve or as a support at specific times, then you should decide for a bar of 40 to 45 centimeters wide. 

4. Ideal for apartments

Breakfast bars are an excellent idea for apartments of any size whose owners seek to have a greater utilisation of space. Since you can integrate your kitchen with the living room or dining room without having to place a dividing wall, you will have greater utilisation and appreciation of the space which is something that we all look for in our home. 

5. They suit any style

Kitchen bars have various designs that can be adapted to any style so do not worry that your kitchen will look classic or country style, you just have to choose the right materials for a modern finish. 

For a modern look, you can try using dark ceilings and place a few lamps suspended on the bar. To complete the modern look, make sure you get high steel seats for the bar. 

6. Using dark surfaces

Using dark surfaces can often bring a striking contrast to the space if you know how to do it right. To use dark surfaces such as the one pictured here, place a few lamps or brightly coloured decor on the surface.  

7. Join and divide at the same time

Let's say you have your kitchen and your dining room unified in the same space, but with the presence of a breakfast bar you can create an important separation of each area. Can you imagine waking up on a Sunday morning, reaching the kitchen, sitting on your stool and enjoying an excellent coffee while reading a newspaper? It would be excellent to recreate.

We hope you manage to recreate some of these practical breakfast bar ideas in your kitchen. For more kitchen ideas, have a look at healthy kitchen accessories

8. Beautiful and fully functional

Breakfast bars are fully functional because in addition to having a space to eat, you also gain an additional work area for your kitchen, as well as an ideal place to sit and share a few drinks with good company.

9. The right colours for your style

If you want to convey a modern touch, you should consider using cold and metallic tones in the design of your breakfast bar. As long as you maintain harmony with the rest of the kitchen, it should look gorgeous.

10. Extra dining space

Last but not least, if you already have a dining table in your kitchen, but love having guests at home and would like to add more dining space to your home, a breakfast bar is a practical way of doing it. 

We hope you've gathered sufficient inspiration for your modern breakfast bar. See you again on homify soon! 

Which breakfast bar design do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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