11 Impressive ideas for the entrance of your house

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While focusing on the interior of our house, we usually do not give adequate importance to the entrance, which in fact, is the first step to all the creative features packed inside. Of course, you make sure that the entry looks welcoming, but you can do much more than making it look just welcoming. 

So, here are 11 ideas to get inspired and design the entrance to your home in the most innovative ways.

1. Neutral tones

Neutral tones like the combination of black and white work like magic when it comes to designing the entrance to your home. This combo is simple but exudes beauty from every angle.

2. Think out-of-the-box

We often think of doing something extraordinary and unique, but how many times do we actually execute it? So, this time ensure that you try something entirely different and modern for the house entrance and make all the eyeballs turn around.

3. Install greenery

Nature and modernity do not always make a good pair, but when they do, they make a stunning combination. So, add some plants to the modern entrance of your house and see the effect they have on the environment overall.

4. A simple grid

Abstract art is the new modern design and is clearly evident in the image. The entrance is kept completely simple yet it oozes with style and modernity. In fact, the metal frame in charcoal gray lays a striking contrast with the green pathway.

5. The traditional way

Traditional art, when framed with modern ideas, make a fabulous piece. So, when an innovative entrance is styled with traditional decor, it makes a marvelous picture and is sure to catch the attention.

6. Beauty lies in simplicity

While designing the home access make sure you lay equal emphasis to its functionality. For instance, if you need space for a garage, but do not want to hamper the look of the entrance, consider the image, which is an ideal example of this.

7. The other side of the entry

The house entry is only the first step to the numerous stunning features inside the house. So, make sure that the entrance is not only captivating on the outside but is equally engaging from the inside.

8. Multiple modules

Module-based designing looks quite attractive when it comes to building dream houses. The brown shades of modules give an earthy and rustic feel to the house while the big white slabs of cement on the way to the entrance, strike a beautiful contrast with the ambience.

9. Sufficiently spacious

If you could manage enough space for car parking and your favorite plants at the entrance while making it look fabulous, then the job is well done, and there is nothing more you can ask. The best-designed entrance to your home is one which is everything of modernity yet practical from every angle.

10. Privacy kept intact

Often in the process of building something unique and new, we lose the privacy feature in the entrance of our house. But, with a little subtlety, quirky designs can work quite successfully for the entrances.

11. Go unconventional

The image here gives you all the inspiration to take the less traveled road and do something completely bizarre with the home entrance. Connect with an architect for more such offbeat ideas.

For more design ideas for house entrances, check out the ideabook.

Which one of these entrances was your favourite?

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