8 beautiful and innovative ideas for small bathrooms

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Two factors play an important role when it comes to uniting the two areas of the bathrooms: the size and its unique style. Designing each area according to its distinctive character is a challenge. The 8 bathroom ideas we have brought for you, varies from being more modernized to eclectic and vibrant one. But one thing strikes us for sure; all are beautiful and innovative in spite of the small size.

See it to believe it!


A wall with vermilion colored square tiles imparts a strong character to it and stands like a block of color. Everything else in this bathroom becomes secondary and the last thing to be noticed, due to the impact the vermilion and pristine white tiles are having on the eyes of the beholder.


The Mediterranean touch has made the design of this bathroom contemporary and quite attractive. The pattern in the tiles with colors and motifs inspired by land and sea is the center of attraction and the design of all the furniture revolves around it. Strictly white and wood interior is undoubtedly spreading warmth to the environment.


Small and organized in every detail, this bathroom stands apart and shows that a small bathroom is not at all unimportant in our home.  The theme of its design is a beautiful combination of modern and classic. The gray color of the walls alternates with graphic patterns in white which pops up and is making this a unique space.


A Nordic touch and retro-inspired look will never go wrong. The pastel color is ideal for small sizes and it is very trendy too. The suspended cabinets and motifs on the floor remind us of popular trends of the sixties. Last but not least, there could not have been a better place for the coordinated freestanding bathtub, the corner with a view.


There is nothing better than a smart artistic bathroom with a fresh feel if you are not afraid to surprise. The vitamin color used on the main walls, a bright picture on the front wall, the plant placed in the corner is making it lively. The bathroom is well-organized.

Bold and beautiful

The variations in hue and bold shades are imparting the bold effects in this bathroom. It is small but absolutely innovative. A square area designed in rectangular plan with the right combination of colors and furniture is making it look extraordinarily spectacular.

​Black and white

The elegance of monochrome in this wonderful bathroom of a amazing French apartment will simply blow your mind. Every single element of this bathroom is perfectly outlined in a combination of black and white. The impact of it is flawless and mesmerizing.


Dominating white tiles, a double sink and a small cabinet combine gracefully with the cascade lamps and little greenery around. A charming and bright Scandinavian style bathroom is beautiful for its compactness and powerful impact!

Do you want to know more about innovative designs that work for small bathrooms? Ask us in the comments section below.

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