11 pictures of clever ways to store your clothes

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Let’s face it, we all hate repacking our cupboards every time they get messy and untidy and we all know that you can never have too much space for your clothing, towels and bed linens. But, in this homify feature, we look at 11 simple yet clever storage solutions to help you with that shortage on space. 

The interior designers considered affordable tips and tricks that can easily be included in your modern home. Interested? Well, continue reading to see what can be applied to your home… you may have more space than you thought!

1. Under the bed

Use that space under your bed and get some boxes for those extra shoes, bed linens or even off-season clothing. You will definitely free up some wardrobe space while you’re at it.

2. Repurposing

If you have some vintage suitcases then appeal to your eclectic side and use them as super cool drawers.

3. Hook it up

Add some hooks to the walls and plan your pretty outfit for the next day, complete with accessories. This is a great way to keep your dress free from wrinkles.

4. The windows

You may have some unused space on either side of the window, some stunning shelving and a magnificent mirror will complete that dressing room look, with natural lighting of course.

5. Prioritise

It is essential to think about what storage you cannot do without, for example are you tripping over your shoes? Then a shoe rack can be a trendy and usable feature in your home.

6. Seasonal specifics

While we all like to have our cute outfits within arm’s length, you can plan your weekly outfits in advance with some hooks and hangers.

7. Glossy glass

Easy to clean glass shelves add that boutique style design to the walk-in-closet for an ultra-glam look!

8. On display

Treat your bedroom like a showroom and display your most elegant items in a sophisticated way.

9. Hang it

Strapped for cash? Well, hang a simple rail from the ceiling with some hangers and voila you have some extra storage for those everyday items. How shabby chic!

10. Dual use screen

A privacy screen seems to be a must-have in old-fashioned movies, so incorporate one into your modern bedroom too, but choose something that has hanging space so you can take all your items with you and make a catwalk reveal.

11. Walk-in-closet

We have come to the end of this feature, but a final suggestion to consider if you have an unused room in the basement or attic, transform it into a lovely walk-in-closet and keep all your gorgeous pieces in one pretty place. These: 15 clever storage ideas you'll want to try right now are great for any corner of your home.

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