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​10 ways to decorate your walls you won't have thought of!

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Depending on the budget and size of space requiring renovation, interior decorators use all their creative skills to improve the region to the best of their ability. This change could also involve simple arrangements like rearranging furniture, replacing furnishings and carpets, adding wall art or new décor items. But generally the most effective and noticeable change that is visible in a room is change in the color or design of its walls.

Today homeowners have several interesting options to modify their walls to make them striking and beautiful like apply layers of paint with innovative techniques, trendy wallpaper or daring options such as 3D coatings or artificial finishes of stone and wood. If you are adventurous enough to give a stylish twist to the décor of your rooms that is out of the ordinary and makes them look completely renovated, then you can try one of these wall decor ideas.

1. Metallic Tapestry

dinning table Modern dining room by Alaya D'decor Modern Plywood
Alaya D'decor

dinning table

Alaya D'decor

Wallpaper is one of the easiest wall decor that adds class and verve to the room and economically viable too. But if you want to take the wall decor a notch above to something unique then choose a wall paper with metallic design and bring some complimentary contrasts around it. Objects like concealed lights and translucent paper art details make it more elegant.

2. Luminiscent wall décor

main entrance Modern houses by Alaya D'decor Modern Plywood
Alaya D'decor

main entrance

Alaya D'decor

Decorating walls need not always involve long complicated process that could burn a hole in the pocket.  In this home the interior decorators have made a smart move by cladding the wall with a special finish that makes onlookers feel that the surface is made out of polished stone. Decorative pieces of wood have been fixed to the wall with adhesive coating in such a way that they glow when light panel behind it is switched on.

3. Enchanting vinyl prints

Children and adults love a bit of adventure and drama in their lives so how about introducing it through vinyl prints on the walls? Want a forest in your living room, spa environment in the bathroom, superheroes in the children's room or even gentle starlight sky on their bedroom ceiling? Vinyl posters and designs today make it easy for people to customize their house to their taste with psychedelic designs and posters.

4. Trendy wallpaper

Though wallpaper with varied patterns and images have been used for several decades to decorate empty walls, thee has been a tremendous changes in the way they are applied to home decor now. The latest trend is geometric designs that add  dimension and color to walls heralding a funky trend!

5. Central focus area

Villa at Appa Junction, Hyderabad.: mediterranean  by Happy Homes Designers,Mediterranean
Happy Homes Designers

Villa at Appa Junction, Hyderabad.

Happy Homes Designers

Grab the attention of visitors with a delightful focal point through a colorful mural or enchanting wallaper and keep interest away from those small flaws in the décor.

6. Touch of nature

Who would have imagined that vertical garden can be set up indoors without use of pots or grills? Here we see how wooden plaques have been used to create cascading grass that could also include flowers, vines, ferns, or the plants.

7. Play with paints

Cozy House Classic style bedroom by Intraspace Classic

Cozy House


Artwork with wall-paint is an easy way to renovate your home by making a funky design as all the raw materials the exercise needs is a sponge, creative spirit and a vibrant shade for a quirky décor.

8. Laminated stone wall

Kitchen with Breakfast Counter Classic style kitchen by KREATIVE HOUSE Classic

Kitchen with Breakfast Counter


Laminated stone is another feature that offers an excellent opportunity to enhance empty walls and bring earthiness to the environment. Besides stone, decorators also use wood and glass tiles to bring artistic touch the house.

9. 3D Wall art

For a touch of modern decor style you can use trendy 3D wall coatings that add glamor to the walls. The advantage of these wall coatings is that they are available in a variety of textures and colors and can be placed around lights to create stylish background like this for a modern living room.

10. Visually pleasing effect

If imagination is given full freedom then art can be created to add depth and romance to a wall. Do you like romantic Greek columns and arched gateways and want to create a similar atmosphere at your home then we recommend these wispy gossamer curtains and beautiful paintings.

Like wall art, here are more Trendy wall decors to a special home.

Which wall decor idea do you wish to adopt? Do let us know in your comments.
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