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14 mistakes you make when you paint your walls

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
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Walls are the canvas of your home. You can change the mood of any room with a quick coat of paint! It’s tempting when you get restless in your home to decide to paint the walls for an easy upgrade.

We’ve got a list of 14 mistakes that keep coming up when DIYers take to their walls. If you can avoid these common pitfalls then you are well on your way to a fresh look in your home. Our tips can help you have more fun when painting your walls and set you up for success. Remember, you can always connect with professionals on homify for help and advice. Ready to start our list? Let’s go!

1. Wall Sheathing

Walls should be fully prepped and primed for painting. If you make the mistake of painting without preparation, you’ll find your final project has lumps and bubbles. The walls have to be flat and smooth if you want to paint them!

2. Cover marks or cracks

If you have holes or cracks in the wall be sure to spackle them over. Let it dry and sand it lightly before starting your paint job.

3. Easy on the texture

If you are going for a textured look on your walls remember that subtlety is key. If you use too much texture it will make the wall look aged and deteriorating. Just a subtle touch gives it a nice effect.

4. Understand bold and neutral colours

Neutral colours are a risk-free option while bold colours bring more personality and flavour. If you’re not sure which is better for you, choose crisp white walls, and add colour with furniture and accessories.

5. Never mix, never worry

Lily Pond homify Scandinavian style walls & floors

Lily Pond


Painting a room with multiple colours can end badly unless you know what colours will go together. If you never mix up your colour pallet, you never have to worry! You can go for predesigned wallpaper like this for an effortless wall treatment without the mess. This bedroom is simple gorgeous!

6. Unleash your creativity

Watercolor Spots Pixers Colonial style living room

Watercolor Spots


Think beyond the paint swatches! Unleash your creativity to get amazing results. A white wall can become a work of art with a little imagination.

7. Choose colours you’ll always love

Bold colours excite and trendy colours delight but you’ll have to live in your home with your paint choice every day. Avoid regretful decisions by picking colours that you have always loved.

8. Paint to flatter your space

First Floor Landing Studio Hooton Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Studio Hooton

First Floor Landing

Studio Hooton

The right paint choices can make small rooms appear larger and dark rooms appear brighter! Use neutral and white shades to flatter your space

9. Use vibrant colours for warmth

Vibrant colours help make a space feel warm and inviting. This tangerine colour looks great with the natural wood doors and blue accents from the floor tiles.

10. Stay current

Paint trends like using a sponge are dated. Update your walls if they’ve gone out of style or pick classic looks instead of following trends!

11. Tell a story

Wall paint design homify Asian style walls & floors

Wall paint design


You can use your walls to tell a story and bring your personality into a room. Perfect for kids rooms!

12. Keep it in the family

Watercolor graphics Pixers Scandinavian style living room

Watercolor graphics


If you are using many colours, keep them all in the same colour family. Cool colours like purple and blue look great together.

13. Remember ratio with decals

If you accessorise your painted walls with decals, then pay attention to their size. Too small and it looks junky, too large and it looks silly. Strike a fine balance!

14. Take care when going dark

Espacios decorados by Wallart CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

Dark colours on the walls are hard to pull off! They tend to make a space look small. Make sure to use lots of primer. Once the paint is dry, style the look with bold furniture and accessories.

We hope you enjoyed our list of mistakes you're making when you paint your walls! For more inspiration, check out our feature on 10 creative ways to use colour in your home.

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