15 Stunning ideas to divide spaces without building walls

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The word open is no longer just associated with kitchens as the concept open spaces has extended to nearly every part of the house. Visual spacing is being used to separate spaces under the same roof, thereby creating two different ambiances. Whether your house is big or small, open spaces can make the space look more spacious. 

There are umpteen numbers of creative and exciting ways to separate spaces other than walls including adding furniture, shelves, or even bookshelves as a separation. Check out 15 amazing ideas here to divide and shape up spaces without building walls:

1. Use nature

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Guest Bathroom

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The reason we use separators between rooms is to increase communication and visual spacing while maintaining the privacy of each. And with a divider like in the image, the bathroom gets the necessary separation in a quite majestic way.

2. Fireplace separator

We often think about getting a fireplace in our living room or drawing room, but owing to space constraints, brush it away. However, installing a fireplace like this in the house can be the perfect solution for your concerns. This compact fireplace divides the room aptly, keeping the whole ambience warm.

3. Use the hammock differently

With the word hammock, we generally associate beaches and gardens; but what about a living room? Check out the image. Using the hammock inside the house like this surely looks totally refreshing and stylish.

4. Sleek wooden separators

Simple and sleek wooden separators work perfectly to divide the space in an optimum way. You can either paint these in a vibrant hue or keep the original colour of the wood.

5. Bookshelf division

We have usually seen bookshelves pinned to a wall. But these are now being used in a whole different way, like in the image here. So, instead of pushing this beautiful piece of furniture to the wall, use it as a separator in your room and enjoy reading in both environments.

6. Rustic panel

It is not necessary to build walls to create division, small panels like these are more than sufficient to limit spaces yet keeping these united.

7. Wooden bars

Instead of building a solid barrier, you can just put long flat wooden bars to obstruct the view, while maintaining the privacy of both the sections intact. The wooden bars in the image not only do this elegantly but add a style statement to the room overall.

8. Curtains other than on windows

Think out-of-the-box and use curtains as separators in your room. Instead of cloth, you can even consider materials like net and beads for curtains, and you will be surprised at the effect these create.

9. Structure panels

To create a sophisticated separation you can use solid abstract structures for your room similar to one in the picture. Not only these fulfill the purpose of division impeccably but add a style quotient to the ambiance as well.

10. Furniture as a division

We usually have small spaces and hence always look for practical but classic solutions for best space utilization. The furniture separation here is an ideal example for the same. Simply add a shelf between your bed and the dressing to divide the space, and it’s done.

11. A big open shelf

Shelves come extremely handy for decorating your house. Simple open shelves work fashionably for separating rooms while blending the sections in design and style. Contact an architect for more ideas and designs for shelves.

12. The raw style

Add the fun factor to the environment with wooden panels and make a stunning separation in your house. The carved wooden panels, the seating style, and the bamboo roof create a pleasant environment.

13. Experimenting is fun

The wooden separation is the perfect example of DIY, modernity, and elegance. Not always can the best be bought, at times it can be easily created at home.

14. Glass showcase

We typically place our showpieces in glass showcases hanging on the wall. But consider using the showcase as a divider. It looks innovative and gives you ample of space on the wall for a family picture.

15. Wooden pallets

Wood is used in umpteen numbers of ways to not just furnish and decorate our houses, but in fact to create impressive barriers. These are economical, trendy, and never go out of style.

Browse through the ideabook here, to get more such creative ideas.

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