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13 lighting ideas to make the ceiling of your home look fantastic

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Lighting is an important aspect of design and decoration of a home. In addition to its practical function of providing visibility in areas, it can also be used to create interesting effects, depending on the type of lights used. You can use lighting to liven up the ceilings in your home. In today’s ideabook, we present 13 inspiring ideas on how you can use lighting to draw attention to the ceiling.

1. Floor lamps or ceiling lights?

The choice of lighting in a room depends on the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is low, then LED lights on the ceiling work well. Tall floor lamps can be used in areas with high ceilings. This is the simple and conventional approach.

2. Avant-garde lighting

Nowadays, the thought process about lighting has evolved, and it is used to create interesting effects through light and shadow. The focus has shifted from illumination to decoration.

3. The magic of LED lights

In most homes today, LED lights are a favourite décor accessory. They consume approximately 80% less power than the normal incandescent bulb. Additionally, the flow of light can be focused on the desired area without the light rays being dispersed in other directions, as is the case with regular spotlights. Focusing on a specific spot increases the uniformity of the lighting and reduces loss of energy between sources.

4. Colour effects

Another advantage of LED lighting is that it can be used to reproduce the entire spectrum of colours as different hues can be achieved depending on the material with which the diode is made. This makes it easy to use for decorating an area with colour.

5. Decorative reliefs

Usually, a relief in constructed to insulate, soundproof or beautify a space. Integrating lighting into a decorative relief allows for playing with form while saving space and providing a more efficient method of illumination. Not only is it economical, but it can also be placed in strategic areas to create a stunning feature.

6. Spectacular lamps

Lamps not only serve to illuminate the ceiling of the room in which they are placed but can also add beauty to the space when stunning lamps or lampshades are used. They add more personality to the room décor, as can be seen in this image.

7. Lighting can come from the floor too

Floor lamps are a favourite of designers for their ability to create amazing effects in the ambiance of an area. The modern floor lamp in this image not only focuses on specific features, but also creates a sensational reflection of light, shapes and shadows on the ceiling, as can be seen in this image.

8. Recessed lighting

Recessed spotlights add an interesting element to the interiors. They integrate better with modern architecture as they are discreet and blend with the rest of the elements in the décor while highlighting finishes and other details in the space. In this home, the lights make the wooden ceiling look spectacular in addition to enhancing the warmth of the ambiance with their glow.

9. Track lights

When you need to direct light to a specific area to add to the aesthetics of an industrial style home, then track lights are the best option. It allows for easily highlighting and illuminating a few features of the room.

10. Kitchen lighting

The kitchen needs perfect illumination on all the work surfaces. While natural lighting is the best, the clever use of artificial lights provides timely illumination on the counters even at night. Once again, LED lighting is a good option for lighting up work areas. They can be placed inside cabinets to facilitate access to the interiors and used as ambient lighting to highlight accessories or special features.

11. Illuminating the stairway

The staircase area is one of the most difficult spaces to illuminate due to its layout and size. By combining strip lighting on the ceiling that shines on the walls and recessed lighting that casts its glow on the floor, the entire space can be illuminated effectively.

12. The entrance of the home

A home’s entrance needs to be friendly and welcoming, so keeping it bright is important. If there isn’t sufficient space for floor lamps or a small foyer table, the ceiling can come to the rescue to present an interesting feature, like we see in this picture. The diagonal light on the ceiling adds an innovative design to the entrance, besides blending elegantly with the white walls to create a charming space.

13. The natural beauty of a skylight

A skylight or a window on the ceiling brings sunlight into the room to create a pleasant setting. They aren’t seen too often as they don’t work on every ceiling. However, for a room that has nothing but the sky or nature above it, nothing beats the beauty of a skylight for illuminating the home and presenting a lovely view.

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Which of these ideas will you copy for your home? Respond in the comments.

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