6 best tiles for an Indian bathroom

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Bathroom has become one of the most important areas in Indian homes unlike olden days. The trend has changed from the era of small washrooms to the ultra-modern high end designer bathrooms which is a part of  new lifestyle now. Bathrooms these days occupies major space of total home’s carpet space and beautifying it and giving it a class apart look and feel has become the trend of modern Indian society. More and more designs with technological advancements makes bathrooms sophisticated and stylish when compared to other areas of homes. Bathroom tiles play a vital role in making it a secret utility space of a family at the same time making it a symbol of status. The amount of money is not the only factor behind a wise selection of best tiles for bathroom, but proper knowledge is also very important while choosing the tiles for class apart bathroom. Below are the 6 best tiles for an Indian bathroom.

Granite Tiles

Well known for its natural exposure, Granite is a tile made from igneous rock. Used for thousands of years to beautify the exteriors as well as interiors of homes, Granite is considered as a prestige material and generally used to improve elegance and quality of interior flooring. The harness of granite tile makes it durable for long years and its beautiful textures and patterns gives versatile and decent appearance to bathrooms. The water seepage resistant features and allergen-resistant properties make it undoubtedly the best tile option for a trendy and luxurious bathroom. Moreover it enhances the value of the place. Know about stylish bathroom mirrors and help yourself in choosing the best one.

Marbel Tiles

Marble, the renowned name which comes to Indian minds when we think about flooring for home. Marble, being a metamorphic rock made out of limestone with various processes involved, gives amazing flaunting textures into it and gives a luxury look to the bathroom floorings. The minimal care requirements make marble favorite flooring option for Kitchen and bathrooms.. The health benefits given by marble tiles are just amazing as it helps our body in proper circulation of fluids and have the capacity to avoid pathogens and allergens on the surface and this makes marble the best tiles for bathrooms.

Stone Tiles

With its dynamic and versatile designs, Stone tiles have become the flooring choice of many and especially for bathrooms. Along with the durability and practicality these tiles also gives to the bathroom a modern luxurious look. The warming and the gripping benefits makes the stone tiles an ideal bathroom tile and is eco friendly too. It is time to give bathrooms the real timeless, unique appearance and increase the value of the interiors of home.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most famous and commonly used tiles in Indian bathrooms. Made of heated and cooled natural clay, it comes in wide options of colors, shapes, sizes, finishes and textures. Ceramic tile has become the popular tile choice of Indian Bathrooms and the matte finish makes it more attractive while joining each other. Ceramic tiles are good option for safe and non-slippery flooring in bathrooms and can be opt not only for appearance, but also for cost effectiveness and easy maintenance. Available in different styles and designs, the long term durability and natural properties to withstand humidity as well as moisture conditions makes ceramic tile with matte finish an ideal bathroom tile.

PVC Tiles

PVC tiles, another form of tiles which are getting popular these days with its flexibility and easiness of installation and the low cost. Available in wide textures, designs and shapes PVC tiles fits every décor and budget. And when it comes to ultra-modern designed bathrooms, PVC tiles definitely add beauty to the ambience of the bathrooms. PVC tiles are becoming favorite for many who wish to complete the construction with speed and convenience and are the best tiles for bathrooms. PVC tiles are highly resistant to dents, scratches, and stain and offers style, durability, and long-lasting performance inside the bathrooms.


Travertine, extremely popular in tiles is basically a type of stone which gives a similar look of marble to the flooring. The Travertine is ideal for the bathrooms as its luxurious classy look make the texture of the bathrooms quite different from other areas. Comes in a wide variety of color variations, Travertine brings in the natural touch to the interior of home, especially bathrooms. Suitable for both exterior as well as interior, Travertine comes in four main finishes such as polished (shiny), honed (matte), brushed, and tumbled (textured surfaces) and is highly durable and environment friendly and the hypoallergenic and antimicrobial makes it ideal for bathrooms.

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New trends in tiles for bathrooms

While ceramic tiles are the most popular options for bathroom tiles, Indian interior architects have been experimenting with digital print tiles to introduce uniqueness and texture into the room. These tiles enhance the bathroom tiles texture, whether it’s the wall or the floor, by replicating patterns or even textures found in natural materials such as wood. Usually, wood is not used on the bathroom floors or as wall tiles as it can absorb moisture and warp over time. However, digital print tiles offer the look of wood without any of the inconveniences.

These tiles can be printed in almost any finish, even that of natural stone such as granite and marble. And, they come without the hassle of maintenance and at a percentage of the cost. They are suitable for use as washroom tiles in any wet zone, especially when the base is hardy waterproof material such as ceramic or porcelain. Ask your design professional for ideas on the best tiles for your bathroom.

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