18 Modern and elegant gardens requiring little maintenance

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IJLA - Chic Garden, IJLA IJLA Modern garden
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With our careers and hectic schedules, who has time to look after a garden? But this does not mean that you should give up on the idea of having a beautiful garden. In fact, it is necessary to have one, if you live in the city – you can have your own little pocket of nature and a place to enjoy some fresh air. The garden is that space at home that you can use to relax, entertain and have fun with the children. Here are 18 designs that can add beauty to your outdoor space without the need for regular maintenance.

1. A touch of zen

The wood finish on the benches and walls gives this outdoor area a warm yet unique look. It complements the low maintenance shrubs and the fountain adds a touch of tranquility.

2. Romantic retreat

If you have a lot of grass in your outdoors, create a patio. With a few touches like a simple table and some unique earthenware, you can create a garden where you can have romantic dinners and enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

3. Concrete for plants

If you want to add greenery to your garden without the hassle of taking care of them regularly, potted shrubs are a great idea. Concrete planters may not have been your first choice but they can help create a beautiful modern garden in your home.

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4. Traced paths

If you want a garden that suits your needs perfectly, hiring a landscape architect is a great idea. These professionals know exactly what plants to grow in your garden if you want low-maintenance ones with automated irrigation systems and how to distribute them to give your garden visual balance.

You can hire an architect to attain the look that you desire.

5. Oasis in the city

Do you live smack dab in the middle of the city? Do not worry – you can still have an amazing garden. You can transform your terrace into an oasis. Shrubs play an important role here again, giving you abundant vegetation without the need to care too much for them.

6. Green sophistication

If you want your outdoor space to have a sophisticated look, you do not need much more than well-trimmed shrubs and grass. Shrubs in varying sizes can make your garden look unique. Add programmable or automatic sprinklers for irrigation to keep the greenery looking fresh throughout the year. For trimming, call a gardener at regular intervals and that is all you need!

7. Natural privacy

Even if you have a small outdoor space, you can still create a magical private corner where you can enjoy a book, share a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or get a few minutes to relax in private. If you have a small terrace or patio, just add a green wall with a wood finish and place comfy furniture and install lighting. You can have a small natural private space to enjoy the outdoors whenever you wish to.

8. Beautified entry

IJLA - Chic Garden, IJLA IJLA Modern garden

You can make the front of your home more beautiful with plants. You do not need a lot of space or invest a lot of money. Just choose plants that adapt well to your area’s climate – a local nursery can recommend the best ones. Place them in simple planters and you will see the beautiful difference they make to your home’s entryway.

9. Oriental inspiration

The Japanese style of gardening gives you a minimalistic look that makes any space, big or small, relaxing and serene. The secret is to make sure that there is a balance between planted areas and well-marked stone path. Add a space where you can sit in the shade and enjoy the tranquility of your garden.

10. Seasonal shades

If you want to add a special touch to your garden, a simple yet effective idea is to get seasonal plants, such as planting Christmas Eve so that they bloom in time for the holiday season. They will not last long but will bring brilliant colors and beauty to your garden during their short stay.

11. Green interior

If you have a bare corridor or terrace, add potted plants and transform the space into a green corner. You do not only get an advantage in your house’s exterior but also gain a brilliant view from inside. Pick plants that require occasional watering to ensure that your potted plants require as little maintenance as possible.

12. Picnic place

For this, all you need to do is close up the space and add a couple of benches and a table. You can use this idea in any unused space you have outdoors, even your terrace. You can have picnic with friends and family and enjoy eating outdoors with natural beauty around you, even in the city!

13. Artistic touches

If you want to add a sophisticated look to your garden, a few pieces of art can do wonders. You can add a lot of visual appeal with a sculpture and not have to worry about maintenance. Choose pieces that suit your tastes and complement your home – you can go for commercial ones or look at the works of local artists that catch your eye.

14. Outdoor room

One of the best ways to transform your garden is to define the spaces and create an outdoor room. Simply define the area with open walls and then place pieces of furniture and décor and warm and welcoming lighting. The result will be an outdoor room that will create magical moments and memories.

15. Luxurious warmth

If you are looking for a detail that is unique for your garden or patio, you should definitely consider a fireplace. It not only provides warmth when you want to spend time outside at night but also gives you a space where you can entertain and create memorable moments with loved ones.

16. Defined pots

Using pots for plants has many advantages. You can use them to define space in your garden and avoid overflowing by keeping plants and flowers contained. It also simplifies maintenance a lot, which is important when you do not have time to take care of your garden.

17. Lighting up

When you have a garden, you should be able to enjoy it day and night, which is why lighting is key. The best part is that with so many options available, you do not have to invest a lot to create a charming effect with outdoor lighting. You can use paper lanterns, string lights and many more to light up fences or trees and make your garden a magical place.

18. Elegant touch

If the weather permits, you do not have to limit your outdoor furniture to the usual materials used for garden furniture. You can find a plethora of sophisticated options to help you create an outdoor room that looks and feels just as comfortable and welcoming as your home’s indoors.

We hoped you enjoyed the 18 Modern and elegant gardens requiring little maintenance. Try them and share your comments.

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