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Furniture ideas for a stunning living room

Lucky 4 Ranch Rustic style living room by Uptic Studios Rustic
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An ideal living room needs to be elegant, welcoming and comforting at the same time. Incorporating appropriate furniture and engaging designs can help you achieve this objective. Furniture is as important ingredient of the living room as salt is to any recipe. This make or break item is basically the reflection of the entire house. For a guest, the living room gives a glimpse of the rest of the house and of the owner as well. Therefore, its design needs to be highly impressive and stylish. We at homify bring you some popular living room furniture ideas and inspirations that will motivate you to give your existing living room a warm makeover. These ideas can be customised according to different layouts and taste. From luxurious to minimalistic, this ideabook has designs for every pocket. Let’s check them out.

A rustic touch

Lucky 4 Ranch Rustic style living room by Uptic Studios Rustic
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Rustic living room design is perfect for a country style or ranch décor. It makes use of old-school pattern that lend more earthy and organic feel to the house. Rustic furniture makes use of heavy and high quality wood for coffee and dining tables. This design also incorporates washed fabrics for making couches and sofa sets. As yesteryears were all about space, a rustic pattern is widespread and is hard to create in a small area. An old patterned rug designed with pale and subtle colours also brightens the effect. Teak or oak wood is mostly preferred for furniture as it goes perfectly with the wooden interiors. Make use of brown or orange cushions, antlers and soft lighting for further accentuating the look.

Classic and conventional

So the first design is the classic and a conventional design. The living room furniture in this design is simple yet comfortable. It looks absolutely elegant when paired with soothing interiors and natural surroundings. To start with, classic living room furniture has mute interiors that include soothing wall colours, calming ceiling and flooring. This design also includes a decent chandelier that is highly functional and looks classy at the same time. The sofa set is designed in soft colours like ivory white and beige for a tranquil experience. The use of classic styled curtains that includes both transparent and thick fabric is an absolute must for window decoration. A sturdy wooden coffee table takes the centre spot. The classic living room décor is furnished using natural displays like fresh flowers, planters and natural light.  This room involves a closed TV wall unit that is just enough for TV and book storage.

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A royal affair

Luxurious living is desired by one and all. However, creating a lavish living room is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of creativity, thinking and ability to put your money and wealth in proper use that is showcased in a same opulent manner. A luxurious living room should recreate the magic of a mini kingdom where you are the king. Every single element should be in sync with each other and deliver a harmonious effect altogether. A ginormous chandelier is a must for this design, which is followed by a lavish sofa set and relaxing armchairs that are painted in silver or golden hues. Extensive use of fine grade glass-work and mirrors further intensify this effect. To recreate a regal aura, use classy paintings and vintage art pieces that generate the feel of ultimate opulence. Appropriate use of Italian marble, intricate stonework and lavish planters should also be made part of the living room furniture.

Bright & contrasting

Everyone loves colours. And especially when they are located in the entrance of the house, they cast a magical spell on your guests. A bright and colourful living room is an instant refreshment to the monotonous day. It acts like your pet that embraces you the moment you open your front door. Brightness can be added in many forms and styles. The use of vivid wall colors, employment of colourful planters and inclusion of bright curtains can totally transform the look of your living room. Moreover, the use of bright sofa set, radiant coffee table and colourful collectibles can collectively make this as the most happening room of your house. However, do remember that there is a very fine line between contrasting and dark. Do not overdo the use of colours that it belittles the effect of other items. Rather, always use colours in moderation.

Go for minimalist furniture

Minimalist design is a boon for people with smaller spaces. Designed by Declase, interior architects in Spain,  the above design employs only the bare essentials that impart the area a distinct touch. In minimalist furniture, a bench or single sofa replaces the huge comfortable sofa set. Even the lavish coffee tables are replaced by stackable coffee tables that can fit one over the other. The minimalist design does not go for lavish bookshelves and TV wall unit. Instead, this design for smaller apartments opts for portable and quirky bookshelves. The wall mounted TV works the best in this design. Even the lighting is done in a pretty constrained manner. Suspended lights are preferred over dramatic lamps as they help in saving space. The vertical space is utilized for accentuating the living room with paintings and wall hangings. Try going for neutral shades and contemporary designs for imparting a feeling of space.

Modern and chic

Modern furniture is all about creativity and passion. It makes use of trendy colours and unique layouts. Modernist design also incorporates various eco-friendly ideas like cane or bamboo sofa sets that are highly popular in the ‘go green’ world. Apart from comfort, a modern living room also guarantees modern sensibilities and taste. A cosy sofa set that has all comforts like recliner; push back seats and even a chaise lounge chair. The centrally mounted chandelier is also made in such artistic form that it serves the same purpose, but induces an air of freshness and warmth. Bright wall colours and wall arts are also an essential part of the modern living room furniture. Not to forget, this design uses quirky shapes and refreshing displays in bookshelves and TV wall units. Even the coffee tables are provided with much youthful and distinctive taste.

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