6 ​Affordable tips for wall decor

квартира в современном стиле 1, архитектор-дизайнер Алтоцкий Михаил (Altotskiy Mikhail) архитектор-дизайнер Алтоцкий Михаил (Altotskiy Mikhail) Minimalist bedroom
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Walls are the foundation behind a sassy and sensual home. They are not only a strong structure made of brick or wood, but invariably the most indispensable part behind any décor. Not only limited to the living room or bedroom, the wall art has now reached the remotest corners of the house like the garage and the cellar as well. More and more people are now inclined to decorate their walls with best yet affordable arts that can help transform the area into a personal abode. To spruce up your wall manifold, there have been a variety of products available lately. From traditional paintings to modern wall tattoos, we bring to you some awesome designs that can help you give a whole new dimension to your house. These will not only add colour to your walls, but will also make them visually appealing and elegant. Let us familiarise you with some of the highly popular wall art items.

Soothing wall colours

A wall colour needs to be cosy and warm. This wall art has always been popular and will continue to be the favourite for generations to come. However, with changing times, the use and application of colours have evolved. While uniform coloured walls are still in vogue, even shaded and contrasting wall patterns have also made a prominent place for themselves in today’s volatile world.  Using two to three shades of the same colour can create a calming effect while highlighting the base colour the most. Similarly, decorating your accent wall with a contrasting colour adds life to the room and can easily be embellished by matching or brighter accents. Soothing colours always make a good backdrop for embellishments and accents. They provide an ease to the eye and also add brightness and radiance in the room.

Go for a cosy wallpaper

Wallpaper is an affordable and easy alternate to the conventional wall colour design. They can be chosen from a plethora of designs and patterns that can transform the entire look and feel of the room. Wallpapers can be chosen according to style and taste. If you wish to maintain a calming effect, you can line all the walls with subtle yet rich wallpaper. On the contrary, for a brighter effect, you can highlight the accent wall with contrasting shades. You can also choose from your favorite design like natural, modern, minimal and even historical to make your room more like a personalised zone. Wallpapers are now available for all the rooms of the house and can even be customized with family pictures and portraits. After choosing the wallpaper, you can choose matching or contrasting furniture and other accents.

An Intricate mirror works wonders

Mirrors come with many advantages. Apart from their high utility on bathrooms, they are also highly desired in other parts of the house too. A sassy mirror on the wall can be a beautiful wall art apart from being an illusionist that adds a sense of space to the room. A single mirror or a series of mirrors, both can be used according to your taste and layout of the place. You can frame mirrors in wither wooden, metallic or stone frames as per the overall décor. Bevelled mirrors look classy on both light toned and swarthy walls. Top spot lighting on mirrors further add a distinguishing touch pertaining to the great reflective powers. Designed by Concept eight architects from UK, the mirrors in the above design lend a helping hand in adding warmth to this living room.

Employ contemporary wall shelves

Wall shelves are another way to embellish your wall according to utility and décor. While a sturdy wooden widespread shelf looks perfect in a country style or classic décor, quirky patterns and modern designs are best suited for minimalist and small apartments. Their utilitarian nature makes them highly desirable and appealing as well. Perfect for almost all sections of the house, wall shelves find a special place in living room and bedrooms. They can either be crafted out of wood or metal or even mica. Modern designs have made possible to spice up your room by the use of bright colours and trendy patterns. They are ideal for keeping books and other collectibles that add fun and charm to your room. So add vibrancy to your room by replacing conventional patterns with modern ideas and designs.

Include lots of pictures

Espacios decorados by Wallart, CUSTOMS handmade CUSTOMS handmade Modern walls & floors
CUSTOMS handmade

Espacios decorados by Wallart

CUSTOMS handmade

Pictures, portraits and photos are basically memories captured in a wooden frame. This wall décor item has been popular for decades and still continues to wow us in newer and improved formats. A cool melange of family pictures or paintings can instantly jazz up an otherwise dull wall. The black and white pictures are now replaced with trendy collages and 3-D photos. Atop lighting or backlit pictures have also evolved during the years that bring in warmth and modernity manifold. Not only limited to the bedroom, pictures can be placed in the living room or kitchen and even bathrooms. Apart from the family photos, pictures of your favourite celebrity or place or even historical avenues can be placed on an entire wall to make the room more personalized and classy.

Employ stylish wall stickers

Wall sticker or wall tattoo is the new kid on the block. These décor items are highly affordable and can easily be embellished with existing wall patterns. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are most suited for a bedroom or bathroom. They impart a modern and chic feel to the room and can easily highlight a particular corner or zone. They are widely preferred for a teen’s room and even adults who like to live on the edge. Wall stickers are very easy to apply and convenient to remove as well. They do not tarnish the wall colour and thus can be replaced and reused according to your heart’s content. Be it a single word or phrase or even a popular chant, wall stickers are gaining a lot of popularity overall.  We hope this ideabook was able to inspire you with cool and trendy wall art ideas. For more ideas, scroll through homify.

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