​6 contemporary kitchen designs

Kitchen update Hege in France Scandinavian style kitchen
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The kitchen is regarded as the most functional part of the house. This is basically the engine that drives the whole house. Be it a country home or a city apartment, the kitchen needs to be styled appropriately and stylishly. It just cannot afford any clutter or loose ends. A typical kitchen needs to have adequate storage and functional area. Also, the appliances should be placed in such a manner that they are accessible and easily manageable. Kitchen design has evolved a lot with time. From classic patterns to modular, portable designs, kitchen design has made great advancements with changing technology and apartment size. So, to familiarize you with the latest trends and patterns, we bring to you an ideabook that collates all modern designs. This ideabook will also educate you with the pros and cons of each design and how to make it a part of your existing abode.

For smaller spaces; go minimalistic

Not everyone is gifted with the luxury of space. Don’t lose heart as homify is here to help you. For people having smaller spaces, minimalistic design suits the best. This design makes use of only the essential stuff without which you just can’t operate your kitchen. It also tries to put everything in compact and snug manner that makes maximum things fit in a small space. Use of smart techniques can help you give this place an impression of space. Try to implement glass windows, as they allow maximum natural light. Also, try using subtle interiors and wooden cabinets as they bring along additional brightness. Use of smart and efficient lighting and foldable equipment will create additional space in your modular kitchen. You can even employ contrasting colours for inducing a fun element in this workable space. If including a dining space, go for foldable table and chairs.

All in one

The All in one kitchen is for those who want to unite the dining and kitchen area. This modular design basically brings together the preparation area and the eating area. A unique idea in itself, the all in one kitchen is suited for small families or couples who want to eat and dine together. Designed by Infinity spaces, interior architects in Brazil, this design serves two important purposes. First, it increases the size of your kitchen and secondly, also prevents you from having an additional dining room. This kitchen also prevents boredom while cooking, as you are never left alone for preparation of food. Along with the company of your friends and family, cooking becomes a more pleasurable task. This design is highly desirable for city apartments which are medium in size and can still afford some play with extra space.

Portable design

Kitchen update Hege in France Scandinavian style kitchen
Hege in France

Kitchen update

Hege in France

A portable kitchen is the latest and newest technology in Kitchen designs. This is basically a kitchen on wheels. For overly cramped apartments or studio apartments that cannot even afford a proper kitchen space, this idea is nothing less than a dream come true. You can place all your kitchen utensils, chinaware; serve ware and even baking items on this cart with wheels, which can be shifted to any corner of the house according to requirement. This provides enough room for cooking and also saves a lot of time.  This idea works best when you have an in house party as you do not have to bother going to kitchen cabinets again and again. It will save you timely errands and let you enjoy your own party. This metallic kitchen on wheels is designed using several compartments, which can be customized according to need.

In the Box

A box kitchen is another wonderful twist to the conventional kitchen. This layout is designed in such a way that it imparts an exclusive stance and opulent feel. The box kitchens are basically a part of the house, but segregated so smartly that they do not hinder other activities in the house. Usually a kitchen is designed either in the centre of the house or in-room with the living or dining area. This design makes use of coloured fragments that give a distinctive feel to the room along with making it bright and translucent. Appropriate storage space, accessible appliances and enough place for expansion makes it a hot favourite in our list. This design gives a tough competition to the usual patterns and with the use of smart colour schemes actually makes a colourful display of intricate sensibilities.

Employ kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are not new to this world. They are very much a part of the past that was highly popular in classic and colonial designs. The actual twist is rendered by the new and contemporary designs that have replaced the conventional patterns. The new designs do not only serve the island as a lonely kitchen structure but also lend them trendy and functional feel. Majorly designed out of stone, granite and wood, kitchen islands are either used as breakfast tables or for extra kitchen storage. They are also used as magazine holders or wine cellars. A kitchen island can further be embellished with classy spot light or LED lamps that focus on the island counters. For added effect you can even design a contrasting island counter. Flower vases, planters and glassware are the preferred island supporters.

Industrial style

Different people have different choices. While some prefer a proper and lavish displays of items, other treat kitchen just as a functional area or laboratory. This idea is perfectly depicted in an industrial style. Industrial style incorporates metallic structures similar to a workshop or warehouse. It also has lighting that focuses mainly on preparation and serving areas. Suspended spotlights and side lamps make the best counterpart of this design. Industrial style makes use of systematic and geometrical patterns that make a defined layout. It does not incorporate any bright or contrasting colours. Instead, is commonly found in neutral colours and simple designs. Alike a laboratory, this design keeps the utensils and kitchen tools exposed and at an arm’s distance. Nevertheless, the end product is as delicious and wholesome as in other designs.

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