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20 designs of boundaries and fences to protect your home in style

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Protecting a home is something that should be given priority, especially since the present scenario makes it a necessity. However,there’s no need to be overdramatic when designing boundaries and fences. They should protect a home, define the limit of one’s property and provide privacy,but this doesn’t mean that they can’t look beautiful too!

You can get creative while designing a fence or boundary for your house. Keep in mind that it is an element that the neighbours andpassers-by see when they view the home from the street, so it has to look good.

In this ideabook, we show you 20 designs of boundaries andfences so you can choose the one you feel will protect as well as beautify yourhome.

1. Asymmetric geometry

If your home is designed with geometric elements such as straight lines, cubes or angles – a typically modern style, then a fence with an asymmetric pattern can add a stunningand balanced look. Use a neutral colour that blends with the rest of the home.

2. Wood slats

Wood always brings a warm and cosy look, and it never goes out of style. It can work with almost any design theme and adds a lovelynatural element to the boundary.

3. Rustic wood finish

Unpolished wood in a metal frame is a great idea for a fence in a garden area as it lends a charming rustic vibe to the space.

4. Iron with nature

Wrought iron is a good choice for a fence and is often combined with brick for a classic look. However, you can get creative with it and make designs, like this nature-inspired tree pattern that brings a modern element to the brick boundary wall.

5. Brick boundary

Are you searching for attractive boundary wall designs pictures? Here is a great option. The earthiness of wood makes it a popular choice of material for a boundary wall. Besides adding a warm feel to the exterior, it also introduces texture, giving the home a classic look.

6. Resistant WPC

Wood Plastic Composite or WPC is a sturdy and weather-resistant option to use for the fence. Its composition is 60% recycled wood, 30% recycled plastic and 10% fire retardant material, making it a popular choice. Since it resembles wood, it’s pretty too.

7. Wood, concrete, stone and tile

Modern fences use a combination of materials to create a stunning effect. In this picture, the main fence is made of natural stone on which concretes planters are arranged at three different levels to create space for a lovely garden. Additionally, redwood slats and grey stone cladding make this compound wall design patterned and extremely eye catching.

8. Green fence

A natural option for a fence is to cover it with greenery. You can do this by either placing racks on the wall or hanging pots from them. This ensures that as the plants grow, their roots do not damage the wall.

9. Artificial vegetation as the fence

If you like the natural look, but aren’t a fan of the maintenance it takes, artificial vegetation is a good option. You can use it to add colour, shapes and designs without a single drop of water!

10. Concrete and glass

Glass is an ideal solution when you don’t want the fence to block a lovely view. Keep it sturdy by framing the glass with metal that is embedded into the concrete structure.

11. Iron with wood and stone

Creating texture by intelligently using a combination of materials makes the boundary or fence more attractive. In this amazing home, the stone wall on one side and the wood slats on the adjoining wall are connected by a black metal door in a modern design, creating an interesting feature.

12. Wood and more wood

One can never use too much of wood, especially in an outdoor area as it is a natural material. A slatted wood wall blends well with the tree in the garden.

13. Metal on the top

An ordinary wall can be given a stylish boost by placing metal bars on top of it, like in this photograph. It helps to break the monotony, while enhancing the safety of the home.

14. A charming lattice

A lattice fence works well for creating a partition between two spaces. In this picture, it separates the garden area from the home.

15. See through

This modern design features a metal fence with blocks in between, which leaves the area partially exposed so that one can view the pretty garden behind it. This is a good solution for partitioning spaces without blocking views.

16. Fence of poles and bamboo

Bamboo brings a relaxed look to a space. Combining bamboo reeds or sticks with metal adds a casual vibe to the fence, giving it a warm and welcoming feel.

17. Iron on wheels

A fence doesn’t have to be stationary. It can be put to work, like this metal fence with horizontal bars, which has wheels that allow it to slide open and shut.

18. A fence with lattice work

A lattice fence can also be used as a sturdy boundary wall, especially when it is made of a reinforced concrete cast that ensures that the home’s security isn’t compromised.

19. Stone and steel

Stone is a rustic and vintage material, while steel is sophisticated and modern. However, combining the two can bring an elegant look the home’s façade.

20. A wall with coating

Let’s not forget about wall coatings. An ordinary wall can be beautified by cladding it with classy ceramic or stone tiles. In this example, the tiles have a metallic sheen that gives a modern feel to the boundary wall.

For some interesting designs for wall coatings, see this ideabook.

Some other trendy designs

Here is another smart way to create a strong boundary while adding to the beautiful exterior of the house. Such front boundary wall designs look stunning and offer immense protection to the house while preventing passersby from peeping inside. In addition, featuring black and grey colour, the stone wall creates a striking contrast with the white colour of the house and instantly grabs attention.

This boundary wall design with its sophisticated style can complement any contemporary house. The professionals have combined stone walls with metal fence to create an unmatched exterior façade. Also, the neutral colours used for the boundary seamlessly blend with the rest of the house.

Which of these designs will you pick for your home? Respond in the comments.

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