7 great garden ideas that fit anywhere

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Do you feel that living in an apartment prevents you from having a lovely garden on your balcony or terrace? Well, you can think again, because even with limited square footage, you can create a gorgeous green patch that is beautifully decorated with plants and flowers.

We’ve compiled this ideabook for garden lovers who dream of starting a small, but charming garden in their apartment, so if you are one of them, take a look at these ideas for inspiration and get started with creating your own.

1. Make a garden with recycled material

Having a small home garden isn’t a crazy idea. You won’t use a lot of space. It doesn’t have to be an expensive professionally designed one as you only need a couple of small recycled planters to begin with, along with nutrient-rich soil and seeds. You can create a garden that doesn’t require too much of your time – just basic maintenance.

When you are choosing seeds or plants bear in mind that each one has a different growth period and needs varied soil and moisture conditions. Before you get started, familiarize yourself with the planting process.

2. Explore the different materials available

You’ll find hundreds of materials in the market. Get quotes and buy the ones that suit your style and budget. For example, these charming wooden planter houses or cane baskets can help to save space and keep the floor clean.

3. Saving water

Water is a precious commodity, and we need to be careful not to misuse it. If you are away from home for long periods or don’t have much time to water your plants regularly, try using self-watering planters or installing automated drip irrigation.

4. It’s all in the details

Planters don’t have to be boring, because there is a world of option out there from which you can choose. For instance, stone, which is a vintage material, has recently made a comeback in the market. When you buy planters, look for colour and texture as they help to add charm to your garden.

5. Leveraging space

In an apartment, the space available in your balcony is limited, so your garden shouldn’t take up the entire area. We recommend that you use the walls to create a vertical garden, like the one seen in this photograph.

If you don’t want to hang plants directly on the wall, look for alternatives such as frames made from pallets or powder-coated iron from which the plants can be hung.

6. Combining elements

You can unleash your creativity when you are creating a garden. You don’t have to restrict yourself to using only a single type of material. Combine pots, colours, textures and patterns to make your garden stunning.

7. Play around with your garden space

Finally, we’ve chosen this photograph to show that plants that are large or small, colourful or green, high maintenance or minimal care – they are all welcome in an apartment garden. When you start creating the space, keep the proportions in mind and play around with elements until you can accommodate everything you need within the compact space.

For more ideas on creating small gardens see Indoor plants and vertical gardens.

Which of these ideas will work well in your small space? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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