21 Ideas to renovate your home that cost under Rupees 500

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Sometimes, we end up spending too much on renovating our homes. But the truth is, even small changes can bring about big changes in the look and feel of your home. In this book of ideas we present 21 simple solutions that can help you change your home at pocket friendly prices. Follow our ideas and you will see that you can change your home and save at the same time.

1. Fix LED lights at the base of the furniture

A system of LED lights under furniture will guarantee a fabulous lighting without much effort, enriching the house with character and personality.

2. Clean and disinfect the bathroom tiles

Sometimes all that your bathroom may need is a little cleaning! Polish the tiles and remove whatever little grime is left on them for a shiny new bathroom!

3. Decorate usefully

Often, we run the risk of banging into furniture when and doors of our homes. This problem is easily solved through objects like shown in the image. Decorate your home but with things you will need.

4. Change the doormat!

You can create excitement in your life with things as trivial as a doormat! Bring in a colour code or place door mats that would complement the rest of the décor in your home.

5. Take care of your doors

Doors and windows of your home need care not to deteriorate over time and always be in perfect working order. Lubricate the joints so that opening and closing your doors is easy. Besides, rough joints can harm your doors in the long run.

6. Protect your furniture

If your furniture legs don’t have bushes attached to them, then protect them from damage by covering them. Furniture last longer when you protect them. Likewise, cover your chairs and sofas before placing any decorative items on them.

7. Protect the leather on your sofas

The sofas are among the furnishings that wear out more easily because of the extensive use they are subjected to on a daily basis. More so if your sofa is made of leather. Keep your leather furniture looking new by waxing them frequently.

8. Creativity on the walls

Are you bored of your walls? Are you tired of that old picture frame but don’t know how to replace it? Try using stencils and attractive stickers to decorate your walls without spending a fortune of them.

9. Hooks that are practical and original

Use simple and practical walls to redecorate your home without much effort. Hooks allow you to redraw the geography and appearance of a wall without spending much.

10. Just clean up!

Some homes look aged and boring just because of lack of maintenance. Polish your flooring and clean up a bit. Rearrange your furniture for a fresh look.

11. Get your home some flowers!

Fresh flowers are the most simple and low cost solution that will allow you to give a natural and lively touch to the rooms of your home without having to invest impossible figures.

12. Stencils for walls

The stencils are an easy and impactful solution to decorate the walls of the house and in particular, as we see, the walls of the bedroom.

13. Renew the lighting in your home

As mentioned at the beginning of this Book of Ideas, lighting is crucial for the house. But you do not have to spend too much on lighting. Instead, get beautiful lamps and chandeliers made of humble paper. They are affordable and look cute!

14. Organise your closets better

The cabinets are a key part of interior design. They make sure your things are organised and beautiful the house. If you have unused space, then make them functional with a few tweaks as shown.

15. The laundry basket

A very useful feature is the laundry basket, functional and decorative object at the same time. Get yourself a pocket friendly but eye catchy ones that could make an entire corner look pretty.

16. Order and cleanliness

The key to a cool looking home is often to keep it clean and keep. Too often we think that the only way is to replace some items is by buying new ones. Sometimes you just have to keep your home and in order to give your house a better look.

17. Dust your carpets

The carpets are perfect complements for the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom or the entrance. But they are also one of the decorative elements that suffer most by dirt and wear. Keep your carpets looking new by regularly dusting them. You could also try special carpet conditioners.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

18. Attention to the kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important place in your home. Daily attention is required to keep the kitchen looking good. Invest in cleaning products and accessories necessary to have a well-maintained kitchen.

Checkout space saving solution for smart kitchen here.

19. Aromatherapy for your home

Smells play an important role in your well-being and the general hygiene of your home. Use air fresheners to keep your home smelling fresh and pleasant. It is better if you use natural air fresheners in the place of artificial & invasive ones.

20. Paint your shelves too!

Paint your shelves and bookcases and your entire room could come alive. Not just the walls, but the whole room could get a fresh lease of life if you paint the shelves and niches.

21. Change your picture frames

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Another affordable way to decorate the house is to change the picture frames, pictures and posters. Hang your favourite images with new picture frames to change the appearance of the walls of your home.

We hope you liked the 21 Pocket friendly ideas to renovate your home. Try them and share your comments.

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