9 ingenious tips for saving money in your kitchen

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With car and home loans and lifestyle costs, it sometimes seems like our life gets more expensive by the day. But there are actually many ways that you can save money – all it takes is a little creativity. Do you worry about expenses in the kitchen? Well, good news – there are tips that you can use to save money in your home’s most used space. Are you doubtful? Do not be! Here is a look at 9 ingenious tricks to help you save money in the kitchen.

1. Keep durability in mind

When you have chaos in your kitchen cabinets and shelves, it can be tough to distinguish fresh from stale food. If you look around, you can be sure that you will find many packets of spices, preserves and other items that have long passed the expiration date. When you have a well-organised kitchen and not too much stuff in the cabinets, it is easier to keep things in order. By the way, keep in mind that the same applies for the fridge and freezer.

2. Use one detergent

Detergents used in the kitchen can add up to a lot of money. So what can you do to save some cash? Use one detergent for all cleaning purposes instead of buying several products for cleaning different surfaces in your kitchen. Universal household cleaners are a great solution. Note: You can also use home remedies to keep your kitchen clean and sparkling, not to mention disinfected.  These work better than many of the products you find in supermarkets, plus they are safer.

3. Eat homemade meals

Do you often rely on takeaway or the fast food chain or restaurant around the corner for meals? Add the bills up and you will find that you spend a significant amount of money on such places. Say goodbye to eating out or save it for special occasions and cook meals at home more often. Your body will thank you, and so will your wallet!

4. Use seasonal products

Focus on using local products and produce. Not only are they cheaper, but also fresher and do not cause any harm to the environment. Most products go across the world before they get to you, which means that you do not get the freshest stuff. Using seasonal and local stuff ensures better health and can help you save.

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5. DIY your kitchen accessories

Many people spend a lot of money on accessories for their cooking area – some of these accessories are a necessity and some are not. Have you considered using your hands and making DIY kitchen items, like breakfast boards? If you are not too good with your hands, a great alternative is flea markets – you will find unique and charming items that still work well, and all for a small price.

6. Make your own coffee

Do you absolutely need your morning coffee to get you through it and the rest of the day? Well, make your own. Many people often get “coffee to go” but this creates a lot of waste, which then adversely affects the environment. Plus it costs a lot of money in the long run. It is a better idea to invest in a coffee maker for your kitchen and a travel mug. These with high quality coffee beans will give you the coffee kick you need without the need to spend money.

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7. Replace old appliances

Sometimes you have to spend some money to save money in the long run. If you have old appliances in your kitchen like an old refrigerator, microwave, hotplate, etc., you should replace them soon as they consume a lot of energy, which means high utility bills. You should get new energy-efficient models to help you save money.

8. Create a herb bank

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby chris+ruby KitchenCabinets & shelves

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


Those who have a herb garden outside or on their windowsill know how great it is to smell and cook with fresh herbs. If you use a lot of herbs in your cooking, you should create your own herb bank outside or even inside your kitchen. It will help you save some cash plus you get to cook with delicious fresh herbs any time you want.

9. Can your own foods

Do you love jam for breakfast? Do you like pickled vegetables with your meals? Or a little bit of quince schnapps after dinner? You can have all this with harvested produce from your own garden that you can yourself at home. You get the bonus of not having canned foods filled with preservatives, meaning that they are much healthier for you. Once you have canned your jam or pickles, bind the can or jar with a nice loop and label it. They will add appeal and make great gifts too.

As you can see, simple yet clever tricks can help you save money in the kitchen. Start working on these tips and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much cash you save.

We hope you liked our 9 Ingenious money-saving tricks for the kitchen. try them and share your comments.

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