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5 stunning sauna ideas for the home

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Luxury sauna and steam room installed in Cambridge Leisurequip Limited Modern gym
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A staple in Scandinavian homes and now a popular addition in homes around the world—saunas are fantastic inclusions for the modern family home. The reason behind their increasing popularity lies in their tremendous benefits to the body and mind. So what are some of the benefits of regular sauna usage? Proven benefits include: strengthening of the immune system, detoxifying the body, improved sleep, pain relief, helps reduce stress, and too many more to list.

At homify, we took it upon ourselves to compile a collection of the most outstanding in-home sauna designs we could find. Let us show you how a sauna can be a perfect fit in your home, and next thing you know you'll be soothing your body and spiritual state in no time. 

Transformed attic

It's hard to believe that this space was once a dire and messy attic filled with boxes of old and unwanted possessions. Following a transformation over seen by the experts from Shulz Rooms. This attic can now be described as a luxurious personal retreat for its owners. Filled to the brim with luxurious features including a natural stone shower, fireplace, and the spacious sauna at the rear. This transformation proves that any space, no matter how awkward, can be reworked to suit a new purpose. 

Walk on through

Light and open would best describe this sauna and showering room. Transparent glass has been utilised to give the impression of a clear and uninterrupted space. Transitioning between spaces is fluid between the shower and sauna areas. Perhaps the most outstanding element of this space is the green mosaic tiles of the shower facilities which offer a distinct look.

Sauna or later

Lets take a closer look inside this fantastic sauna set up from BluMaxx. The open and spacious sauna has enough room for many to sit or lie-down within. We especially love the timber used in this sauna—it has an almost tangible warm glow to it. 


Luxury sauna and steam room installed in Cambridge Leisurequip Limited Modern gym
Leisurequip Limited

Luxury sauna and steam room installed in Cambridge

Leisurequip Limited

This enclosed room looks identical to the other saunas shown previously, but there is a difference. This is in fact a steam room, so there are considerable differences. Steam rooms work similarly to saunas with the difference being the difference in temperature and humidity levels. Overall, steam rooms create a more wet environment compared to the traditional sauna room which gives user a different sensation and benefits to regular saunas. 

Dark and moody

There's a strangely inviting appeal to this sauna. Perhaps it has something to do with the dark and dingy atmosphere created by the dominant black stain used on the wood. It really is minimalist design at its best with no unnecessary details or finishes. Just a space that can easily induce relaxation and focus. 

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