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We are all guilty of daydreaming about taking time off work away from our busy schedules to reward ourselves to the spa treatment in a European spa resort. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time to take a bath let alone making the effort to visit a spa resort. Consider bringing the spa treatment to your home by installing a luxurious spa system somewhere in your home. A spa can be a fantastic addition to the home and is the perfect outlet for relaxation and pure enjoyment. They're also great social settings that can be a gathering point for friends and family to spend time together. So if you're feeling a little bit tempted. Make sure to continue reading to see what's out there. 

The Centrepiece

BluMaxx have installed an impressive spa system that is the true centrepiece of the room. The unique circular layout of the room is dedicated towards the enhancement of the spa experience. Glass panel doors separate the sauna and changing areas whilst the mosaic tiles are used for both the spa exterior surfaces and the walls. Lighting plays an important role in this room. Multi coloured lights create a particularly special mood. Plenty of candles surround the spa for that extra special touch.

Romani Ite Domum!

This spa (minus the modern features) looks as if it could have been used for public bathing in Ancient Rome. Once apart of day-to-day life, the principles of Roman baths have been kept in modern spas but with new and enhanced features. This spa includes adjustable settings for water jets, bubbles, and many other sensations.  

Out in the open

Take a look at this breath-taking roof terrace that includes a stunning spa unit. What better way to utilise the open and sunny decking area than to include a spa. With unbeatable views of the city this rooftop terrace is bound to be filled with countless hours socialising and happy memories. 

Decking delight

Outdoor decks are popular inclusions in modern homes and make great additions to home extensions. If you're considering building a deck then perhaps a spa could be a perfect inclusion in your plans. Coast Spas Benelux are the team responsible for the amazing spa system chosen in this decking area. Take note of the thoughtful landscaping in this space. The stone wall and dense hedge act as natural borders and offer much needed privacy from neighbours. 


Sometimes the most suitable location for a spa is within the private confines of the master bathroom. Create an enticing and intimate atmosphere for you and your partner by including scented candles and soft lighting. It's easy to picture yourself relaxing for hours and enjoying the spa sensations in this bathroom. 

Viewtiful spot

Hotel Villa Honegg, Jestico + Whiles Jestico + Whiles Scandinavian style museums Hotels
Jestico + Whiles

Hotel Villa Honegg

Jestico + Whiles

Lets finish off with something that will truly make your jaw drop. No this hasn't been photoshoped. This is the view from the stunning infinity pool and spa from the prestigious Hotel Villa Honegg. It's easy to imagine swimming in the turquoise waters of the infinity pool. Then after a couple of laps of the pool having a long session in the heated spa.  

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