45 best ever pieces of interior design advice (part two)

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If you tuned in for part one of our best ever tips for interior design and home furnishing, you'll know that we're bringing you the crème de la crème of professional advice and today we return with part two. 

We continue to let you in on all those sneaky golden rules which interior designers swear by so you can make your home look as amazing as possible!

If you're ready for the next instalment, let's begin…

16. Don't fill every shelf

Here comes Nikka Woody, the revolutionary eco-friendly modular bookcase Piarotto.com - Mobilie snc Living roomShelves Solid Wood
Piarotto.com— Mobilie snc

Here comes Nikka Woody, the revolutionary eco-friendly modular bookcase

Piarotto.com - Mobilie snc

Shelves in the home are a great storage resource but don't fill them all to bursting. Having some bare shelves will make your home feel well curated, yet still spacious and uncluttered.

17. Use pretty baskets for storage

brush64's collection of inspiration brush64 Living roomAccessories & decoration

brush64's collection of inspiration


Who doesn't love a wicker basket or two? Using them as pretty storage items will up your style stakes and we think they look especially amazing in bathrooms as handy towel holders.

18. Open living and dining spaces

Small open plan house homify Modern kitchen

Small open plan house


An open-plan layout in your home will never look bad, especially if you combine the living and dining rooms. It adds a tangibly social element to your space and creates such an easy flow. 

Add to that the fact it will make your home feel larger and you can't lose!

19. Hang bulky pans

So many of us make the mistake of storing bulky saucepans in a kitchen cupboard, which just swallows all your storage up in an instant. 

Items you use every day can be hung on a handy wall-mounted rack and will add style to the kitchen, as well as freeing up cupboard space.

20. Use the same carpet throughout

For a cohesive home that feels large and consistent, you can't go wrong by installing exactly the same carpet throughout.  This will effectively blur the lines between rooms, thus tricking your mind into thinking your home is bigger than it is.

21. Create focal points with round rugs

Circular rugs are brilliant for creating real focal points in a room, as they instantly draw your eye to them. For example, a large circular rug under the dining table will make sure all attention is on what's for dinner!

22. Prioritise one large piece of furniture

Rather than dotting small tables, numerous bookshelves and other ineffective furniture around your home, you should try to invest in one large piece of statement furniture per room. 

We love the idea of a fully built-in wall display, like this one!

23. Maps as wall art

Treasure Map Pixers Eclectic style bedroom Beige

Treasure Map


For a more unusual wall decoration idea, why not consider framing maps and hanging them as art? They'll complement any other prints, give the impression that you're well-travelled and be a real conversation starter!

24. Declutter before you redesign

​Furniture 3D Rendering Designs MAP Systems HouseholdHomewares
MAP Systems

​Furniture 3D Rendering Designs

MAP Systems

If you walk around your home and feel a little disappointed by how it looks, don't initiate a dramatic redesign just yet! Before you do anything, have a ruthless decluttering session as that might help solve the issue.

25. Keep accessories striking

Colourful Parrot Porcelain Jug rigby & mac Eclectic style living room
rigby & mac

Colourful Parrot Porcelain Jug

rigby & mac

If you love adding unusual or dramatic accessories to your home, keep them small in numbers. 

If you don't, your home will start to feel like a curios shop, whereas a handful of really eye-catching pieces will look like a fascinating collection.

26. Upcycle old items

Zoe Murphy- Margate striped sideboard Zoe Murphy Living roomCupboards & sideboards
Zoe Murphy

Zoe Murphy- Margate striped sideboard

Zoe Murphy

Before you grab your wallet and start buying new pieces of furniture, why not see if your existing pieces could simply be upcycled to look more exciting? 

Masking tape and paint could turn out to be a far more cost-effective upgrade!

27. Use pretty jars

Original Ball Mason Jars Tramps (UK) Ltd Rustic style bars & clubs
Tramps (UK) Ltd

Original Ball Mason Jars

Tramps (UK) Ltd

This might be a little bit showy, but who doesn't like a classy touch here and there?

Instead of storing pulses and dried kitchen ingredients (such as pasta and rice) in their normal packaging, transfer them to pretty glass jars and have them on your kitchen shelves.

28. Rearrange you furniture

The Workshop - living space design storey Industrial style living room
design storey

The Workshop—living space

design storey

Before you throw a tantrum and throw out all your furniture because it doesn't look good anymore, have a simple rearrange.

Moving your sofa position and changing up coffee table placements can reinvigorate a room, making it look like a whole new space!

29. Fresh flowers

Porthleven LEIVARS Eclectic style bedroom



For a timeless way to add some beautiful décor to your home, ditch the object d'art and simply add some fresh flowers. They'll perk up any room, smell wonderful and can be changed weekly to keep things interesting. 

30. Double check dimensions

You'd like to think this is just a case of common sense, but so many of us fail to properly measure our rooms and doorways before buying furniture.

You need to know what you choose will not only fit, but also work proportionally. Try a dry run with masking tape on the floor to get a feel for how everything would look.

Come back tomorrow for the final part of this series. In the meantime, recap part one, here: 45 best ever pieces of interior design advice (part one).

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