30 pictures of false ceilings and led lights

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There are numerous ways to design the ceilings in your house, but as of now let’s focus on beautifying it through lighting. With the current trends in interior design, lighting has risen to a whole new level. 

So  let’s get started with some of the best ideas of lighting styles to incorporate in your rooms.

1. Easy to install lighting options

The current trends in lighting for designing ceilings have made the installation of these luminaries extremely easy. These help in eliminating shadows in a room, thereby increasing the room’s functionality.

2. Contouring

Once decided on the structure of the roof, it is imperative that you give adequate weightage to the distribution of the lights and place them uniformly in the room.

3. Use small lights for bright effects

Gone are the days when you needed big lights to brighten a room. Today you can use small luminaries for the same to get the majestic result.

4. There is no limit

Considering the size of the lights, there actually is no limit to the number of lights used in a room. You can use as many lights as you wish, but make sure you use them well.

5. Lights in tube style

End your search for smart false ceiling images with this elegant creation. You will surely find amazing chandeliers and lamps in the market, but tube-style luminaries are selling like hot cakes. These are well concealed in the ceiling and hence eliminate any kind of shadow in the room.

6. Play with lights

Lights today are available in plethora of shapes and sizes giving you ample of opportunities to experiment with their placement.

7. Strategic placement

When using the luminaries it is advised to place them strategically and after adequate planning for best usage and effect.

8. Level the lights

It is not necessary to fill the ceiling with lights to get the desired lighting effect. You can use these luminaries on the different levels of the ceiling or pillars like in the image.

9. Color of lights

When exploring these lights, ensure you give equal importance to their type and color. For instance, white light and yellow light will create a different atmosphere respectively.

10. Pair them up

You can also use these lights in pairs like in the picture and add to the beauty of the room.

11. Color and light

Apart from the color of the light, you must also choose the color of the ceiling carefully. The color of the ceiling must unite with the color of the light, or vice versa.

12. Points of interest

Owing to the size of the lights, you can simply place them at particular points of interest in the room, to be used as and when needed.

13. Spread it out

You can opt for lights which start from the ceiling and spread out through the walls like in the image.

14. Club lamps and lights

Hanging lamps are the traditional way of lighting, and when these are clubbed with tube-style lights, your ceiling looks innovative.

15. Play with ideas

Luminaries bring to you a whole new world of lighting to explore and exploit. Play with levels, shapes, and colours to add your style quotient.

16. Lights in the roof

Another way to light up your room is by layering the luminaries in the roof, like in the picture.

17. Get creative

With luminaries, any design and any shape is possible. Did you notice the ceiling in the image?

18. Multipurpose lights

Wouldn’t it be great to illuminate two rooms with just one lighting space? Check out the image.

19. Peeking sunlight

How about getting sunlight in your room through a panel or slope? Sounds creative, isn’t it. The image will make you understand more, or contact an expert.

20. Simple is always stylish

Even these small luminaries look ever stylish when kept simple and minimal, like the image.

21. Focus the light

The best way to illuminate your room in style is through vocalizing the light, i.e. by lighting up only the key areas.

22. LED light

The subject of lighting can never be complete without the mentioning of the LED lights. So, pick one today.

23. Light the corners

The corners in the rooms usually feel bereft owing to the limitations in their decor. But not anymore.

24. Light up the target

Use ceiling lamps to eliminate shadows and to delimit it in the specific area.

25. Windows and lights

When windows and lights are used smartly, you end up with the best lighting in your room.

26. Brighten the corridors

Another part of the house luminaries serve the best is in the corridors, giving them a sophisticated look.

27. Lights as diffuser

Did you know that the lights in the ceiling can work as a diffuser too. Well, you now know.

28. No order at times

Looking for unique ceiling light images? Here is your answer. Sometimes having no order is the fun way to get the desired effects. So let go of the strategies and go haywire.

29. Lamp structures

At times, it gets difficult to manage the lights in the ceiling even when there are windows in the room. And to help with this, you can use lamp structures.

30. Everything needs to complement

Lastly, it is important that the surrounding in which the light is used, compliments it thereby bringing out the best lighting. 

If you have liked these ideas, the ideabook here will help you with more such ideas.

other impressive designs

Here is another picture that displays how an innovatively designed ceiling and smartly positioned false ceiling lights can lend a dramatic touch to the living room. This recessed ceiling design has small circular lights on the outside and colourful tube-style luminaries inside to infuse life into the magnificent ceiling pattern.

The led lights for ceiling have been installed in pairs on all the four corners to illuminate the room properly. Designed by professionals, the slightly suspended ceiling design also allows adequate space for the placement of yellow tube-style luminaries to enhance the effect.

Which one of these inspired you the most?

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