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Indoor plants & vertical gardens

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It is well known that spending time in nature improves our health and well-being. However, finding the time to spend quality time in natural environments is difficult in the busy modern life. Innovative design trends have developed the concept of bringing nature into the home by adding plants as an interior design element. This can range from entire walls filled with vertical gardens, to a single plant placed strategically in a room. 

Even when a house is short of garden space, there's always potential to make a significant change in the home.  So if you have a love of the outdoors and want to feel the benefits of nature in your home—keep reading and see what's possible!

You better be-leaf it

Feeling ambitious? Well, why not try and transform a section inside your home to incorporate an indoor garden bed. In this example we can see a small garden bed located in an open landing area adjacent to a floating staircase. Tropical plant species have been selected to give the impression of an Asian rainforest. There will be no shortage of sunlight for these plants -this living area is overflowing with natural light. 

A wall of life

Sometimes it's hard to believe what's now possible with modern interior landscaping. Here is a breathtaking two-storey living-wall located in the middle of a newly built family home. Design and architectural experts from Biotecture have managed to create an oasis in the heart of London. The lush and dramatic vertical garden is full of  diverse plants that bring a mix of colours and textures. Cleverly, the foliage is within touching distance of the floating walkway. 

Just hanging out

At first glance, you'd be forgiven to mistake this hanging garden for a piece of artwork. Living Interiors UK consciously created an effect that looks like the plants have managed to grow through an external wall. Framed by a deep wooden oil stain, the row of five plants bring a tangible touch of nature to the room. 

How do these hanging gardens work? They're easier than you might think. Each plant is set in an individual felt pocket filled with soil which can be easily removed to allow for replacement of soil or even to swap with a new plant.

Scent of perfume

Pot plants have long been a popular inclusion in the bathroom. It makes sense choosing a flowering plant that can provide the room with a natural perfume odour, as well as a bit of colour. Bathrooms can smell sweet and fresh without the need for expensive and harmful artificial air deodorisers. 

Stairway to…

Minimalism is all the fuss in 2015—and for good reason. With stunning glass roof and walls, along with strong lines and simple finishes, there's so much to love about this Japanese apartment renovation. But what really makes this room that little bit special is the inclusion of the individual pot plants on each step on the staircase. 


Feeling inspired? Consider choosing indoor plants that have a little more practical use. Keep a row of fresh herbs in the kitchen and enjoy the benefits of having fresh edibles to add to your cooking. The great thing is that herbs will no longer appear on the weekly shopping list—simply reach out and pick some leaves off a fresh parsley or mint plant. 

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