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15 Fabulous design ideas for small bathrooms

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We use small bathrooms for most part of our lives and are totally aware of the frustration which arises due to the space constraint—in respect to its usability or design. But now, you’re in for a surprise. 

Here are some amazing ideas to renovate your small size bathroom today in the most stylish way. In fact, the ideas below make you wonder how can one get luxury along with optimum space utilisation without emptying your pockets.

Let’s find out!

1. Elegance in style

The bathroom in the image is the perfect example of ideal space utilization and in the most fashionable way. The earthy look through the brown tiles and washbasin blend beautifully with the white bathtub, making a soothing look.

2. The designer touch

Instead of painting the bathroom in different colors or textures, consider keeping the walls white like in the picture, and spray some colours through tiling. This gives a quirky look to the space along with keeping it classic and evergreen.

3. A dash of colour

Keep the layout of the bathroom absolutely simple but add a few out-of-the-box factors through various accessories, something similar to the image. The fish-shaped mirror, orange light on the washbasin, and octagonal shaped toilet seat, add the perfect modern touch to the bathroom.

4. The golden touch

The gold-shaded bathroom in the image surely gives you an amazing idea to style yours. The glass separation of the shower cubicle adds visual space to the bathroom and the wooden base of the washbasin makes a style statement.

5. Go black

Black irrespective of being a dark shade, exudes elegance wherever used. You can think of using black in your bathroom like in the image, while finishing it with a touch of colour here and there around the house.

6. Unified spaces

The image here is one of the most ideal examples of space utilization. The architects have smartly placed the WC unit amidst the shower cabinet and the sink, allowing more movement and open space.

7. Beauty in simplicity

By simply adding a floral panel on the wall through tiling, the experts have given the bathroom a modern look in the image here.

8. Pristine white

This completely white bathroom in the image makes a style statement in its own way. Shows perfect utilization of space where the glass shower cubicle works excellently to increase visual spacing.

9. The chic style

The stone wall on one corner gives the bathroom and industrial look where the black glossy background of the WC unit add an eclectic touch to the area. The dark shades are flawlessly balanced out through the white fixtures.

10. Enjoy the luxury

The retro style golden tiles in the background of the WC unit count as one of the most striking features of the bathroom. The marble tiles on the remaining sides of the bathroom and the stylish rain shower falling right in the bathtub, make a unique and luxurious statement.

11. The brighter, the better

With the ventilator right behind the WC unit, the bathroom is filled in bright sunlight all through the day. The light shades on the wall with dark coloured sink bottom, add the desired spray of colour.

12. Play with grey and brown

Play with shades of grey and brown on your bathroom like in the image. The walls in grey blend on harmoniously with the wooden tiles and

13. Go the aqua style

By incorporating the brilliant shades of blue, this bathroom is truly one to get inspired from.

14. Bring in some art

If you love art deco, we recommend getting tiles and sink like this stunning bathroom and keeping everything else simple.

15. Keep it vintage

This bathroom is small and still brilliant in so many ways—right from the clock, mirror, and cabinets on the side. 

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Which one of these bathrooms inspired you the most?

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