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7 Bedroom ideas for married couples

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Designing the bedroom once you are married can be tricky considering that the room should speak of the aesthetic of both you and your spouse. When married you not just share the bed space, but every corner of the room, from the wardrobe to the walls. So, from the color of the wall to the furniture and decor of the room, everything should not just be agreeable but liked by both you and your partner. 

However, if you are stuck at some point and are finding hard to agree with your partner in terms of designing your bedroom, then you can browse through some ideas below. We bring to you 7 exclusive and easy to-do concepts for bedrooms to get inspired.

1. The open concept

Whether your bedroom is spacious or not, merging the balcony with the room always works for expansion. Simply replace the walls between your room and terrace or balcony with sliding doors to make the room look big. You can now enjoy a stunning view, better ventilation and more lighting.

2. Pompadour bed style

When it comes to designing and furnishing your bedroom, one aspect to keep in mind is to always feel and make it look warm and at-home. The image shows a pompadour bed, which looks extremely comfortable and elegant at the same time.

3. Add romance with wood

The shape of the bedroom’s ceiling in the picture might have cut down on the overall space, but it, in turn, brings in a romantic and rustic atmosphere. The concept of adding wood to design your bedroom like in the image, is one your spouse will readily agree upon. Get in touch with an architect to get more details on executing this idea.

4. Extra space means multipurpose area

If you are left with some space after furnishing your bedroom, use it wisely like in this picture. Instead of filling the space with decor items, you can consider adding another closet, or maybe a study or say a bean bag or two to work as your relaxing zone.

5. Combine the bathroom with the bedroom

Although this option is quite unusual, but it is worth the risk. Instead of the regular brick wall you can use glass walls to separate the bathroom from the bedroom. This way you get the required division along with making the expanding the space and making the room look bigger. You can add curtains on the glass walls to add privacy. This concept is surely one your spouse will happily agree to.

6. Keep it simple

A double bedroom which is adorned with all the basic requirements and elements looks more beautiful and classic that any other style. The bedroom in the image is packed with neutral colours with minimalist style and decor, which makes it evergreen in every aspect. 

If your spouse finds this a little too simple, you can always add a touch of color through your pictures, or curtains, or even through vibrant coloured bedsheets.

7. Bohemian decor with textures

La belleza de lo simple , cs cs Minimalist bedroom

Textures in the bedroom don’t just add pattern to the wall but also give an elegant look to the room without any extra decor. You see a flawless and beautiful amalgamation of white and textured walls adorned with bohemian decor in the image here and it looks absolutely graceful. 

If you have liked the above concepts, then go ahead and dig in the ideabook for more stunning and inspiring ideas to design your bedroom.

Which one of these bedrooms was your favourite?

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