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homify Country style bathroom
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The concept of interior decoration has been devised for the chief purpose of looking into the small details that bring perfection to every room in the house. Combination of furniture, furnishings, décor objects followed by wall colors and textures help to give a new look to all sections of the house be it a regular room or a bathroom.

In this ideabook we shall explore the small and large details that are part of the creative process while constructing and decorating a bathroom to create an aesthetically pleasing region. Whether you have a small or large area dedicated as bathroom this ideabook will inspire you to apply the right mix of colors, designs and shapes to make the maximum of available area within available budget.

1. Reusing discards as objects of art

One need not always buy bathroom accessories to give an air of sophistication to a dull bathroom as innovative ideas as these can brighten up the region. Bulbs suspended from a wooden bar above the bathtub and a wooden easel for hanging towels bring rustic atmosphere to this trendy bathroom.

2. Oh to have a blue bathroom

This pleasing pewter blue is one of the most popular colors lately in demand for modern bathrooms. Its cool tone conveys calm and tranquility, especially for one of the spaces where it is most needed.

3. Bathroom with natural elements

We can never emphasize enough on the advantages of having spacious and trendy closets in the bathroom. While most are fashioned out of metal or wood and given coating of paint or laminate for a more pleasing outlook, here the shelves and closets manufactured in wood have been left in their natural state for their raw appeal. Plants on the top shelf and counter add natural touch to the bathroom.

4. Beauty of vinyl

Main Bathroom homify Country style bathroom

Main Bathroom


Vinyl wall or wall paper are interchangeable options that give life and sparkle to any space. In this bathroom the wall behind the tub with a scenic wall paper helps users travel through new woods. While using vinyl on the bathroom floor, wall or designer wallpaper it It is important to maintain harmony in design and color.

5. Hanging lamps

Lighting also plays a major role in enhancing the brightness of a bathroom whether it has a window or not. When the bathroom has limited space for beautification then use hanging lamps in trendy shapes, patterns and colors will give this space a lively and modern touch.

6. Antique washbasin

Like the retro touch? Antique details give style and class to any space, and the colonial style bathroom here is no exception. This retro dresser gives a unique touch to the bowl style basin and blends easily to fit the style and colors in the bathroom. 

7.Iron hangers

Iron hangers can be anywhere in the house, but if we put them in the bathroom these can be used to maximize storage space as towel racks or for hanging used clothes to be gathered later for washing.

8. Framed Mirrors

Mirrors in general have a pride of place in the bathroom. Instead of a typical first-aid style cabinet with a small mirror in the front have a large rectangular one on the main wall just above the washbasin counter. In this modern bathroom you can see how the mirror framed  on the wall gives a clear view of everything around the region making it easy to maintain daily cleanliness.

9. Natural air conditioning

Windows in the bathroom are always advisable as they bring fresh air and sunlight into the region providing natural protection from moisture related germs. If the bathroom is at a location that gives a scenic view of natural beauty surrounding the house then this window can bring great advantages. Both curtains and blinds provide privacy and protection from harsh sunlight during the day.

10. Slate painting

To make small claustrophobic bathroom usable and entertaining use trendy fitting like this slate wall. The black surface of this bathroom provides a creative surface for every individual using it so the lack of space is forgotten and bathroom much more enjoyable. 

11. Round Mirrors

While a  bathroom mirror is always necessary and can be of any shape or size, a round shaped mirror usually harmonizes much more with other natural elements that are inside like the light that enters by the window or faces lights that reflect against it at different hours of the day.

12. Colors and lots of light

Using bright vivid colors on one or more walls gives brightness and life to the bathroom when efficient lighting enhances them. Luminescent ceiling beams, colorful pictures, accessories and mirrors  make a good contrast and bring lots of life to the bathroom. But we have to ensure that  everything we put in this colorful bathroom has adequate protection against humidity.

13. Wooden shelves

We have already said something about the importance of wood in any space, and in this bathroom we see an easy to execute example. Sturdy bathroom shelves that save space and slats against the window that allows provides privacy and also allows subtle natural light to enter the bathroom.

14. Black stripes

A more eclectic style is what we see in this small space where white rules, the wood accompanies, and the black clutters and creates illusions of colors striking to the eye. The subtle yet vibrant use of monochromatic touches that give a trendy  and eccentric vibe to the eclectic bathroom.

15. Small shelves

In this last design we showcase new design of small open wooden shelves to accommodate small objects  They have been painted black to blend with the tone of the wall. Note the plant that rests on top of one of them, can give us a good idea about what can be done in the bathroom with furniture and accessories.

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