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Choosing a toilet for the bathroom

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It is safe to say that the toilet isn't usually first on the list of priorities when planning a bathroom renovation. It should be a straightforward purchase, right?  Absolutely, but there are some important things to consider before making a decision. Like most things bathroom, there's an extensive range of styles, types and options available to would-be-renovators. With all the variety brings the flexibility to choose a toilet that can fit any bathroom size, or blend-in with any décor. Lets also not forget the amazing features modern toilets possess that can add that extra bit of comfort in the bathroom. From the European bidet to the fully automated toilet system, there's a toilet out there ready to WOW you. 

So whether you are refurbishing an entire bathroom or replacing an old or broken toilet- let homify find the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

European Bidet

Popular in Mediterranean European countries, and the source of confusion to foreign travellers, is the bidet toilet. The bidet toilet is actually two units, one for general use, and the other for washing. In this image, we see a modern bidet toilet design in an attractive mosaic tiled bathroom. Though the system does require more room than a conventional toilet, choosing a bidet toilet has many benefits. Modern bidet toilets have proven to increase the sanitation of using a toilet, improved environmental friendliness, and also money-saving possibilities. 

Just fit in

Despite being an important aspect of the bathroom, most people don't want the toilet to be the stand-out feature in the bathroom. From this perspective, we can see how designers from Affleck Property Services have incorporate the toilet system into the overall look of the bathroom. By constructing the tank unit and flush mechanisms of the two-piece toilet into a tiled back unit, the tiling look of the bathroom continues seamlessly. 

All the bells and whistles

Sometimes referred to as the super-toilet- it's the modern Japanese bidet toilet. Always the source of innovation: Japan is home to the worlds high-tech toilets. Features available to particular models include: handless function, heated seating, warm air dryer, music selection, deodoriser, and many, many more unique features. 

Although these toilet systems are considerably more expensive than conventional toilets, don't let the price tag deter you. Choosing a Japanese bidet toilet could add that extra bit of luxury in the home. 

Traditional is best

With the influx of contemporary toilet designs, it's hard for traditionally designed toilets to receive any of the attention. Throughout recent history, the two-piece toilet system has been the standard toilet type in most homes due to its functionality and cost-effective price. Nowadays the two-piece toilet remains popular in modern renovations that aim to keep a familiar bathroom style. Here, experts from Headings and Hems have opted for the two-piece system in this traditionally decorated bathroom to ensure a consistent appearance. 


Even when working with the tightest of spaces there is variety of slim and sleek modern toilets that can fit in almost any space. From this perspective, we can see how the toilet fits flush, but not cramped between the bathroom cabinets and bathtub

It might seem obvious, but measuring extensively during the planning stages of a bathroom remodelling is essential to ensure that there's ample room for the purchased toilet - not to mention it helps to avoid any unnecessary expenses and potential embarrassment.

Sleek modern style

As technology advancements improve, manufacturers and designers alike are able to create bathroom designs containing unique features. Here we see a toilet system that gives the impression it could be a sculptured art piece. The floating aspect along with the distinct curved style gives this toilet a tangible contemporary look. 

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