6 easy ways to decorate with flowers

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With spring well and truly blossoming, now is the time to start decorating your home with the sweet perfumed scent of floral bouquets and vivid colourful blooms. Don’t let that gloomy winter transmit its sullen sulkiness upon you, get outdoors, and purchase a bright bouquet. Begin decorating your home with a little life, a touch of colour, and a pinch of perfume. Nothing is more enthralling than when spring finally gets into gear and imparts its wonderful aroma of fresh floral notes upon us. The transition from dreary and dull to sunny and luminous appears to happen overnight, and when it finally does, the aura, ambience and atmosphere change immediately. Keep your home up to date with the seasonal shift and invest in some flowers for your domestic space. But where to start? With so many colours, varieties and options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Take a leaf out of homify’s book, and check out the following examples that will provide some tips and tricks, as well as inspiration to stylishly refresh your adobe.

Why decorate with flowers?

When spring arrives, there is nothing more comforting and enjoyable than the burst of floral scents, and bright blooms. Soothe your sleepy winter soul with a bright infusion of colour, life and fragrance, and bring some floral decoration into your abode. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a white rose, the vivacity of a scarlet tulip, or the subtle homeliness of a lilac lily, there exists such an array of choices, and finding flowers to suit your interior is easy. Flowers not only look lovely, but can inject a little accent into a boring or dull room. Do you have a space that is a little bland, perhaps a little boring? Brighten that area with an array of flowers and immediately the atmosphere will exude life and liveliness.

Above the mantel

Classic and timeless, the mantel is a perfect place to position some bright blooms, and inject the room with some colourful ambience. If you have a mirrored mantelpiece, you will find that the flowers are reflected and emphasised, enhancing their appeal and presence. This example shows a great demonstration of contrast between the deep red and green bouquet, and the predominantly neutral and cream interior.

Rustic white elegance

Sometimes it can be tricky knowing which colour of flower to use. When do you employ a nice simple white bloom, and when is a more vibrant flower necessary? This example displays a gorgeous array of white flowers in a rustic tin vase. White is a timeless and age-defying hue, it will suit almost any interior space, and looks especially perfect when combined with rustic our countryside décor. This rustic vase is more like a planter, the flowers are dispersed and this gives a sense of liveliness to the space, and ensures they are noticeable and striking.

A little colour

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A little colour goes a long way when it comes to floral bouquets. You can simply include some tonal difference within a bouquet, or you can choose contrasting and coordinating colours for a bright and striking display. If you are thinking of incorporating colour into your space, try combining different shades—some bright, and some light. Furthermore if you are wanting to bring a burst of liveliness and vivacity into the space, look at combining a colourful vase with less bright stems of greenery or neutral tones. Think about where you will want your flowers. If you are putting them into a hallway or entrance, you may want bright hues, or in the bathroom, perhaps something more subtle and neutral.

Get experimental

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When decorating with flowers, think outside the box. There are many different varieties available, and often these more exotic blooms can work well on their own, simply placed in a small vase. This example shows how one single stem can contribute a bright burst of colour. In addition to this, the flowers matches well with the outrageously vintage and retro tableware. If you want to incorporate even more floral elements, think about a matching wallpaper that will coordinate with your lively floral bouquets.

Choose the right vase

Although emphasis is most definitely on the type and colour of the flowers, you cannot look past the importance of a nice and well-chosen vase. The most important element to consider is the colour of your blooms. Matching or contrasting this colour will ensure your home decoration is in-keeping, striking and stylish. Rummage through second-hand stores, visit your local market, and choose pieces that are eclectic, for an interesting and conversational floral display. Alternatively, choose something extremely simple, such as glass, crystal, or ceramic, and let the flowers do the talking.

What’s your favourite flower colour to decorate with? Let us know in the comments below.

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